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5 Best Places To Explore In India In August

From rains to races – August makes it a great time to travel to India. This is the time of year when you can explore the great Himalayas in the North, enjoy the tranquil backwaters in the South, or experience the tribal festivals in the Northeast. The monsoon brings alive about the entire country. And what makes it even better is that most of us are still left with our yearly corporate paid holidays which can now be put to good use of travelling. So pack your bags and head to any of these top travel destinations in India to make the most of Indian monsoon.

Best Places To Explore In India In August

Eastern Khasi Hills, Meghalayameghalaya waterfall

Though the eastern Khasi Hills in Meghalaya already holds the title of the wettest-place-on-earth, and you do not need to wait for the monsoon to experience daily showers in Meghalaya if you still did, you’re going to love the experience. With every small stream spitting more water during monsoon, you find a cluster of waterfalls in every sight, making Meghalaya much more alive and far more beautiful than it actually it. Walking the living Root Bridges that you can find across the eastern Khasi Hills and swimming in the many natural pools, moreover, becomes an out-of-the-world experience. [Read: The Village With Living Root Bridges – Nongriat]

The Backwaters of Alleppey, Keralakearla backwaters

With the Annual Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race being just around the corner (13th August), Alleppey becomes a competitive venue for travellers in August. Visit Alleppey in August to watch hundreds of oarsmen in their traditional snake boat race, as they compete for the framed silver trophy and transform the calm backwaters into a beehive of activities. It is the time of the year when festivity and the adrenaline fill the air. And if sports don’t interest you, you can always experience the tranquillity of this place as a regular tourist. [Read: Life In The Backwaters Of Alleppey]

The Moonland of Leh LadakhLeh Laddakh

If you’re one of those frugal backpackers out there, and the peak tourist seasons of June and July (when most of the tourists flock to Leh Ladakh) take a toll on your budget, then consider visiting these mesmerizing landscapes in the month of August, or early September. This is when the weather is just nearly perfect, public transport is not overly crowded, and the guest houses are cheap again. Moreover, the roads to Leh Ladakh start closing around October, so visiting it in the month of August gives you enough time to take a few detours, and explore these astonishing highlands like a real backpacker. [Read: My Hitchhiking Experience From Leh To Srinagar]

Coorg, Karnatakafootloose

Situated in the Western Ghats, Coorg is one of the rainiest places in India. Since the recent monsoon has transformed the place into a lush green paradise, August is the best time to experience its beauty. August, moreover, is the time of year when one can experience the splendor of the many seasonal waterfalls around this place. [Read: My Visit To Kabbinakad in Coorg]

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhandvalley of flowers

Visiting the Valley of Flowers, at least once in your lifetime, is a no miss. Famous for its charming meadows of alpine flowers, the valley opens only from June to September. And what makes August an ideal time to visit this place, is that flowers around this time start germinating and burst into full bloom, and the monsoon has nearly ended – making the trek a fairly easy deal. [Read: Valley of Flowers Trek Itinerary]

Got more suggestions to add in this list of top places to see in India? Please share in comments below!

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