Places Travelled

Before I give you a list of places and continents I’ve travelled so far, let me confess one thing — I was never a born traveller. Though when I was a kid our family kept moving places, as my father worked for the government and his regular relocations kept moving us places often too frequently. But I never found myself intrigued by the idea of exploring new places.

I was, in fact, so uninterested in travelling that despite living in the United Kingdom for a few years, I didn’t visit any country in Europe beyond England and Scotland (and this was when the UK was a part of the European Union, and hence allowed a free movement).

But then, in 2015, my corporate life started getting frustrating. It suddenly started feeling like being stuck in a hamster wheel, doing the same thing, living the same life, every day. I knew I wanted a quick escape. So one day, I decided to quit everything behind, pack my life into a suitcase and leave forever. At that time I had no idea that I will find this new lifestyle — of living like a nomad — so addictive that I will never be able to return and live a normal life again.

And then almost 10 months later (in January 2016) blogging happened, giving me even more solid reasons to keep living a nomadic life, ticking off new places every day.

So far, I have been to over 20 countries (most of which are covered in the blog, but some aren’t — including the United Kingdom — that I travelled before I started blogging in 2016).

Additionally due to an intensive travel history across my home country, India, I’ve created a separate page for my India Travels. All other countries are classified under their respective continent. So click on the continent and you will be taken to its respective page, or click on India and read about my India Journeys.