Travel Planning: Tips And Tricks For Long Term Travelling

I know travel planning can be tough, especially if you’re not an experienced traveller. Right from where to go to what to carry, there are so many questions to deal with.

But don’t worry, because I am here to help you with your travel planning process and make it a little easier by sharing the knowledge that I’ve gained over the past few years of full-time travelling.

Given below is a list of curated travel tips and resources that will help you plan your budget, overcome the fear of solo travelling or even understand how to become a full-time traveller like me, by becoming a travel influencer or a blogger.

Just click on the most relevant section below and start planning… 

FINDING INSPIRATION TO TRAVEL: Because I’ve personally seen travelling bringing a significant change in me, I recommend everyone around me to take a break in their lives and become a full-time traveller, even if for just a few months. Travelling can help you grow as a person and overcome your fears. But if you still can’t get cannot enough reasons to leave everything behind and start travelling, this section will help you out. From travel quotes to my personal experiences, this section includes articles that will motivate you to travel. |Click Here To Enter This Section|

BECOMING A SOLO TRAVELLER: Right from personal security to managing finances to overcoming loneliness — solo travelling brings about a lot of challenges and makes travelling a lot tougher than travelling with friends. But then again, solo travelling is a much more educational experience. So learn from my experiences, the art of solo travelling and how to handle life on the road when you’ve no one watching your back. |Click Here To Enter This Section|

HANDLING LIFE ON THE ROAD: Planning a few months-long backpacking expedition in a new continent, and not sure what all the difficulties you may end up into as a newbie traveller? Well, fret not, because the articles I’ve written in this section will help you gain insights into the most common travel mistakes that people make while travelling. These travel tips will make you a pro right from day1. |Click Here To Enter This Section|

TRAVELLING SOLO AS A WOMAN: If you’re worried about how to survive as a solo female traveller, please don’t. There’s a well-defined path of solo women travellers out there. All you need to do is listen to their stories, and learn from them. This section includes useful travel tips and inspiration if you’re starting as a solo female traveller. And no, I am not the one who has written these articles here, this resource has come from other intrepid solo women travellers whom I’ve met during my journeys. |Click Here To Enter This Section|

DEALING WITH MONEY: For anyone planning to travel, the biggest roadblock is money. Right from buying a flight ticket to booking a hotel room to even getting some breakfast, money is the most important thing for travelling, and not everyone is Bill Gates’s son. So how to avoid money coming your way for travelling? Well, you can do it by budget backpacking, by volunteering, or by trying a dozen other things. Learn from my experiences, how not to let money spoil your travel dream. |Click Here To Enter This Section|

RECOMMENDED TRAVEL GEAR: If you’re planning for long-term travel, or even a few days of holiday somewhere, your travel gear is going to affect your experiences. This section will help you suggest the best travel gear out there, and the products I recommend. It also includes suggestions like whether you should take a suitcase or a backpack for your next journey. And if it’s a backpack, which backpack in particular. |Click Here To Enter This Section|

TRAVEL BLOGGING TIPS: Planning to quit your previous lifestyle and becoming a full-time travel blogger like me? If yes, you need to do a lot of background research and gain a bit of technical and professional knowledge before you start. And this section will take you through all the questions you may come across as a newbie travel blogger. It includes articles ranging from how to start a blog in a day to how to travel the world on free and paid sponsored trips. This resource of articles given here includes the knowledge and experience I’ve personally gained during all these years of travel blogging. |Click Here To Enter This Section|