Travel Tips: On Money And Travel

When it comes to travelling, money remains the most important thing. Right from buying us a flight ticket to the morning breakfast, we need money for everything. And this makes the equation simple… if we have no money, we cannot travel!

Money moreover remains the most frequently asked matter when my readers write to me. From ‘How much money I had before I quit my job to travel’ to ‘How do I make money from blogging and how much’ people ask me all sort of (personal) questions. And well, I don’t mind answering them either. If someone follows my lifestyle, it’s only natural to get intrigued by it, and wanting to do the same. And I am here to help.

If you don’t happen to be the Bill Gate’s son, and you are not appointed as a director in a multi-million dollar company, I suggest you travel in a budget. Avoid staying in a fancy hotel, and book yourself a backpackers hostel. Look for free things to do in the town you’re travelling to. Try volunteering. Use frequent flyer options, student discount cards, travel during an off-peak season… there are so many ways you can save so much.

And then, remember that budget travelling doesn’t mean you will end up being a grumpy old man. It was by volunteering in Germany, Australia and Italy, that I collected the most amazing travel experiences. Not only did volunteering help me save heaps but it also introduced me to a new lifestyle.

There are moreover ways that allow you to make money as you travel. During my journeys, I’ve met so many digital nomads who earn while on the go. You can work as a digital marketer, become a teacher overseas, sell your travel photos, or do something else. [If you want to do something similar to what I am doing i.e. become a travel blogger and or an influencer, head to this TRAVEL BLOGGING TIPS section for more relevant articles.]

But I understand that not everyone wants to become a nomad for life. Most people just want to take a long break and travel for a few months. And if you happen to fall in that category (but still need some help with your accounts) the following article resource will help you out.

These articles will give you a fair idea about how I afford my travels at the moment and how you can do that too. They include tips on saving maximum while booking accommodation or a flight ticket, in addition to other tips to travel smarter and longer.

So if you are looking for ways to make your money last longer, or are struggling with other issues relating money and travel, then read ahead…

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