Learn The Business Of Travel Blogging


I remember when I’d initially started travel blogging and built this website (in January 2016) I was more confused than ever. I was struggling with different ideas and working hard, trying to make my travel dream possible. But the viewership on my blog just didn’t budge. My stories were out there but nobody was reading them. I was having a hard time making money and even finding any travel sponsors, as other successful travel bloggers around me were doing.

And that’s the story of every travel blogger, at least during the initial few months of blogging.

But with time, and as you slowly establish yourself and prove your credibility, things start shaping for better, as it happened to me.

But all this did not happen out of sheer luck and by only dedicating time. I worked hard for it. I learned from other travel bloggers, tried online courses, clubbed my own personal learning and in the end, it all worked just right!

Now calculating the prospects, and looking at the position where FootlooseDev stands now, I can very well say that I’ve built a sustainable business out of travel-blogging. My blog is getting me at least one sponsored trip per month. And during the past 12 months, I’ve travelled to more than 12 countries, out of which 10 countries were travelled for free.

So if you’re planning to break into blogging — or are an existing blogger looking for a bigger growth —  signup for my Blogging Tips below, and I’ll share with you everything that I’ve learned during the stint.

For a tip: This Game Is More Than Just Getting Impressive Traffic Or Writing Great Content. You Must Know How To Pitch The Sponsors The Right Way!

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