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If you’re planning a long-term travel holiday or thinking of becoming a nomad for a few months, but need some inspiration, then you’re in the right place.

Long-term travelling may seem thrilling and fun from other people’s example, but when you’re about to do it — imagine yourself packing your bags for a 2-month long solo backpacking trip in Southeast Asia — your mind starts hesitating. You find yourself surrounded by thoughts of travel discomforts, and the problems you may run into, once you leave your home. What if someone mugged me, or worse, I missed my home? Am I even going to enjoy travelling? What if I found no friends as a solo traveller… and a dozen more doubts for our mind to backfire!

I remember when I quit my corporate career and started travelling (I had no idea at that time that I will become a travel blogger about 10 months later) I was struggling with similar questions. The financial instability, the discomfort in having no permanent house, and a dozen other doubts. No part of me wanted to leave the old me behind, pack my belongings in a suitcase and become a nomad. I mean I had never taken a holiday longer than a fortnight before, so what part of me was so sure that I will even like it, forget about becoming a lifetime nomad.

I was moreover leaving solo and being an introvert, it felt like the worst decision ever. But as I left home and kept experiencing the life on the road, one day after the other, I started realising the excitement in it. And more than the excitement, it was the learning that travelling was imparting on me. Travelling was making me smarter, more confident, and self-sufficient, every day. It was a more invigorating experience than everything else I had done in my life put together.

And that’s why I suggest everyone around me to travel in their life. And no, by travelling I do not mean taking a holiday to Goa with a bunch of best buddies for partying and getting wasted, but something more than that. By travelling I mean, travelling to gain experiences, to learn and to find a better version of you. And the articles I’ve written below will help you find a reason to travel in that manner.

From some of the best Travel Quotes to How Travelling Can Transform Your Life, these are my own self-learned lessons.

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