Travel Tips: On Solo Female Travel

If you think travelling solo as a female is not possible or the entire idea of safety as a solo woman traveller is holding you back from travelling, then you are at the right place, because I am going to break your stereotypes today.

Don’t give up on your solo travel dreams just because you happen to be a woman. There’s a well-defined trail of solo women travellers out there from whom you can learn.

During my journeys, I’ve come across many solo women travellers, in and outside of India, who have been travelling around the world on their own.

I understand that travelling solo as a woman can be a bit more challenging than travelling alone as a man but if you have your wits about your personal safety you should be fine. And no, this advice isn’t coming from me — as being a man I have very little knowledge about the subject — but from other solo women travellers out there.

And since I can’t offer advice on this subject (being a guy) I brought on other solo women travellers to talk about the topic, some of whom happen to be a travel bloggers while others are just regular travellers.

The articles below are all guest posts by those who have some experience as a solo woman traveller. They have shared tips, tricks, and advice on how to stay safe and crush it as a female traveller. The entire resource of articles below will give you a more rounded opinion suggesting what and what shouldn’t be done in different situations and staying safe as a solo woman out there.