Travel Tips: On Solo Travel

When I started as a solo traveller, back in 2015 (those who don’t know, I quit my corporate life in 2015, and I’ve been travelling as a full-time nomad since then. I started blogging almost one year later, in January 2016, to sustain this lifestyle and make money from travelling) I had no idea that I will be hooked to the idea of solo travelling so much that I would never want to travel in a group again.

But this doesn’t mean that I was a born solo traveller. And when I started in 2015, no part of me wanted to leave alone. At that time, the insecurities of mind — right from getting bored travelling alone to not having anyone watching my back — were playing their part. But as I left home and a few months passed, I realised that solo travelling was not as challenging as it initially appeared.

It is true that at times, particularly in the beginning, I felt a little lonely. But as I gained a little experience, finding people to speak to, or someone to share a drink with, never became a challenge. 

It is by solo travelling that I backpacked for 2 months in Europe in 2017. I even solo backpacked in the ill-famed northeast Indian states of Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, among others, and never did I find any problem. Though it is true that at times I had my fair share of bad experiences too (including when I was mugged in Slovakia) but coming out of those experiences, I found a better and more confident version of myself.

And then again, solo travelling has the ultimate freedom to it, which makes it so much better and fun. You can rest whenever you want and pour it on when you’re feeling ambitious. There is absolutely nobody to stop you from doing what you want to do.

During the years of travel blogging, I have come across so many people writing to me asking for help. They tell me how they never found the courage to embark on a solo journey, despite always wanting to do so. Some feel shy of travelling alone, while others feel scared and that it’s not safe to travel alone.

Well, these hesitations are only natural. And if you too are struggling with finding some courage to embark on your first ever solo journey, my suggestion to you will be “just don’t overthink and leave now. Once you will be on the road you will find that this world is a much safer place than how you initially thought it to be. Random people will come your way to help you out.” 

And speaking from the years of experience as a solo traveller, here is a little inspiration and a few tips to help you out as a solo traveller.

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