Travel Tips: Handling Life On The Road

To most of the people, it looks like full-time travellers like me are having a blast all the time (which, in fact, we are) but there’s more to it. Behind the nomadic, full-time-on-the-road life, lies small difficulties like doing laundry or maintaining a good diet or a dozen other things that we take for granted when we have a permanent home.

Long-term travel is an art, and you can only make it right, either by learning slowly as you gain experiences or by learning from others who’re already doing it.

I remember when I left home for my first ever indefinite solo backpacking trip to Bhutan and northeast India, I started feeling lonely, which soon took the shape of paranoia. I wasn’t keeping a healthy routine. I was changing places often too frequently. And I had no friends to speak to. And all this was taking a toll on me every day.

Then later I realised that I wasn’t just travelling, I was living at the same time. Travelling was my lifestyle. And if I want to continue doing it, and do it right, I need to take it all slow.

Slowly, I learned how when you’re on the road forever you need to make your hostel your home, and the new city you’re in, as your hometown. Maintain a routine. Find yourself some travel friends (even if you’re with your girlfriend). Take it all slow, and consider travelling as your permanent lifestyle, not just a brief life-episode of extreme nomadism.

And speaking from my experience of years of indefinite travelling, these are a few travel tips on how to best handle your life on the road.

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