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Panchachuli Base Camp Trek: From Itinerary to Costing

Planning to do Panchachuli Base Camp trek? This travel blog includes all factual information you may need.

I’ve done quite a few treks in Uttarakhand. Valley of Flowers trek Har ki Dun, Pindari Glacier Trek, and a few more on Char Dham Yatra route. But never have I ever done any trek twice, except for one — Panchachuli Base Camp trek.

The first time I got there it was in 2016. Back then, Border Road Organisation (or BRO) was still building the road and the entire Darma Valley was in a development phase. During my revisit, in October 2020, BRO had already built the road to the last village (and beyond) from where the Panchachuli base camp trek begins.

Where in 2016, it took me 4 days to do the return journey from Dharchula to Panchachuli Base Camp, in the year 2020, it was a quick 2-day affair.

About Panchachuli

Before you plan the base camp trek to Panchachuli, I would like to tell you that the term Panchachuli literally means the ‘five-pointed oven’.

According to the locals, it was the at the peaks of Panchachuli where the Pandavas (one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India) cooked their last meal on the five peaks of ‘Panch’ (meaning, five) ‘Chuli’ (meaning, peaks) before leaving for heaven. And that’s its religious significance.

Panchachuli peaks have an altitude of  6,334 metres to 6,904 metres. The peaks (or the Panchachuli Base Camp) are located at about 150 km from the town of Pithoragarh, in the Kumaon region (often referred to as the Honeymoon Getaway of Uttarakhand).

Other than Darma Valley, it is possible to see the Panchachuli peaks from Munsiyari. I did my Delhi to Munisyari trip last year in 2019 and realised that the bests place view is apparently from Darma Valley.

panchachuli darma valley


How Many Days For Panchachuli Base Camp

As I said above, since 2020, it is a quick 2-day journey from Dharchula — no guides or paid group tours needed. You can plan a trip on your own.

It is possible to ride a motorcycle or drive a car all the way to Dhuktu Village or Dhatu Village — the two closest villages to the basecamp. Both are located next to each other and less than 2km from the basecamp.

It is moreover not necessary to trek to the Panchachuli base camp point because you now get an equally beautiful view from a bridge connecting Dhuktu and Dhatu. Just park your car or motorcycle next to the bridge and click some pictures.

panchachuli base camp

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Itinerary

Let’s assume you are starting from Pithoragarh or Dharchula. If you’re starting from Pithoragarh, start no later than 8 in the morning to reach Dhuktu Village (or Dhatu Village) by the evening.

If you’re starting from Dharchula, it is okay to start (just like I did) sometime around 11 or 11:30 in the morning and still be able to reach Dhatu village before sunset.

Now let’s assume you’re starting from Dharchula and discuss the route map:

Dharchula to Tawaghat (17 km)

This is the only stretch of the entire 55 km Dharchula to Panchachuli Base Camp journey where you are going to find a concrete road.

dharchula to tawaghat

If you are driving a car, be careful as the road is mostly narrow with some corners wide enough for only one car at a time. You will be driving next to Sarda River (also known as River Kali) until Tawaghat. It is the same Kailash Mansarovar Road that takes you to Lipulekh Pass.

From Tawaghat, you bifurcate from the Kailash Mansarovar Road, take left and enter Darma Valley. Dharchula to Tawaghat takes about 45 minutes.

Tawaghat to Panchachuli Base Camp (38 km)

From Tawaghat, the condition of the road — all the way to the starting point of the base camp trek — starts deteriorating. This 38 km stretch of a road, that in fact, is known as Darma Valley road is not really a road but a dirt track.

If you’re on a motorcycle make sure you have a face mask on as the route is very dusty. You are going to find 8 to 10 water crossings as well but most of them are very mild. September and October are the safest months to do this route as water-crossing is the least fierce during that time of the year.

tawaghat to panchachuli base camp road

panchachuli base camp road

It is possible to drive or ride a motorcycle in Darma Valley alone (just like I did). Though you won’t find any puncture shops, or even a mechanic between Tawaghat and the starting point of the Panchachuli base camp trek, as long as you’re not going to have any technical problems in your vehicle, you should do fine alone. The route isn’t challenging or risky at all.

Tawaghat to Dhatu (or village Dhuktu) — the last adjacently places villages from where the 2km Panchachuli Base camp trek begins — can take a maximum of 4 hours driving time.

darma valley

Where To Stay In Panchachuli Base Camp

The so-called base camp point has no accommodation for tourists (though we have a PWD campsite at the base camp, it isn’t operational). Having said that, the closest you’re going to find a homestay will either be in Dhuktu Village (2km from the base camp) or Dhatu Village (2.5km from the base camp).

The Panchachuli Base Camp trek actually begins from Dhuktu village. So if you’re staying in Dhatu Village (just like I did) you will have to get to Dhuktu and then begin the trek.

I suggest you book a place in Dhatu Village as it is perched high on a mountaintop. From most homestays in Dhatu, you get clear views of Panchachuli peaks. From Dhuktu village, there’s no visibility of the Panchachuli peaks.

See below the photo clicked from my homestay in Dhatu Village. The tiny village you can see across the mountain (separated by a glacier river-stream) is Dhuktu…

dhuktu village

And here’s a morning view of Panchachuli peaks from my homestay in Dhatu Village:

panchachuli peaks

Staying in Dhatu or Dhuktu is moreover going to cost you the same: 1000 Rupees per night per person including all meals. It’s the standard rate in all village homestays in Darma Valley.

Here’s a photo of the homestay I stayed in Dhatu Village. Most homestays in Darma Valley are traditional mud houses:

panchachuli base camp guest house

panchachuli base camp homestay

Best Time To Travel Panchachuli Base Camp

The best time to do the Panchachuli base camp trek is either the months of March and June or between September and November. It is often not possible to do the route during winter because of heavy snowfall. Monsoon is not advised because Uttarakhand gets a lot of rain compared to other nearby Himalayan states.

Other than that, please note that phone reception in Darma Valley — particularly in villages around Panchachuli Base Camp — remains fairly limited. BSNL has the best phone reception as ARMY people use the same network. JIO is also intermittently available. Other networks like Vodafone and Airtel have no reception at all.

It is advised to carry cash and use the ATM in Pithoragarh. Though Dharchula has an ATM too, there are chances of finding no cash there.

darma valley panchachuli

What Kind Of Vehicle You May Need

If you are driving: Any 4*2 car can be driven on this road. You won’t essentially need a 4*4. Just make sure the car you are driving has a good ground clearance.

Two Wheelers: As far as motorcycles are concerned, I suggest something that is quick and nimble. For me, for example, my Jawa 42 did a perfect job. Its lightweight body, powered by a 300cc and 28 N.m @5000 rpm of torque generated enough power to easily climb uphill. Check more about Jawa motorcycles on the official website and compare the specifications with your ride.

But again, as long as your motorcycle has a great power output and is not too heavy, given its engine size, you should do good on those roads. It’s not necessary to have a big engine (a 200 or 300 cc should do fine) but for a motorcycle trip to Panchachuli Base Camp, your bike should have enough torque to be able to pull you through.

panchachuli base camp trek (1)

Does Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Require An ILP?

Not anymore. In 2016, I was required to get an ILP (Inner Line Permit) from the SDM in Dharchula, but in 2020 it wasn’t needed. You need an ILP if you are going towards Om Parvat or Lipulekh Pass but not for Darma Valley.

If you are doing the entire loop (that takes your from Tawaghat to Panchachuli Base Camp to Kuti to Om Parvat to Gunji to Garbyang to Tawaghat, then you need an ILP. Getting an ILP is fairly easy. You write an application addressing ‘SDM, Dharchula’ mentioning your route map.

Attach one passport size photograph, write your personal details, and get it signed by the SDM.

The process involves no costs. The permission paper will be checked on the way, at respective ITBP camps.

panchachuli road

Cost Of Travelling To Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

As I said above, it costs a set 1000 Rupees per night per person in all homestays in Dhatu and Dhuktu. Even if you bargain, you will save 100 or 200 Rupees per night at max. But this 1000 Rupee price includes all your meals and chai, which is pretty sweet.

Other than the fuel costs, add 1000 Rupees for your stay, dinner and the next day’s breakfast. Add 500 on top for other miscellaneous costs. In about 1500 + Your Fuel Costs you can do a 2 day trip from Dharchula to Panchachuli Base Camp.

Shared cabs on this route charge about 500 Rupees per person per trip (1000 for the return journey).

panchachuli road

Food in Dhabas, around the area, costs 60 to 110 Rupees per thali, depending on what you eat.

You can also find guesthouses or homestays in other villages on the way like Nangling, Baling and Sobla. Some places have a dormitory too, charging 300 Rupees per person per night.

Again, if you are doing a 2-day return journey for Panchachuli Base Camp Trek (from Dharchula) your expenses should not exceed more than 2000 Rupees per person.

Dharchula to New Delhi is a 700 Rupees overnight bus journey.

How Much Did I Spend

In 2020: 350 for the fuel + 1000 for stay, dinner and breakfast in Dhatu Village + about 400 for other meals/chocolates etc. In total = less than 2000 Rupees for a round trip from Dharchula to Panchachuli base camp.

In 2016: I took 4 days to complete the journey and I did it solo and while camping all the nights (thus saving 100% on accommodation). Village Nangling turned out to be the first overnight destination for me where locals let me camp inside the PWD premise. In the process, a local family invited me to dinner.

The next two nights (in Dhuktu) saw a similar trend, where locals helped me find a perfect camping place and invited me for dinners and lunches. It turned out that in 4 days, I only paid for my meals twice. One, when I was in the taxi from Dharchula to Nagling; second when I was in the taxi from Nagling to Dharchula.  Darma valley surprised me for its hospitality. Throughout my Panchachuli Base Camp trek journey, I ate for free. Local guides showed me around, without accepting money.

panchachuli people

darma valley people

Since I was carrying my tent, and mostly ate at local people’s houses, I lived 4 days in less than 800 Rupees. 600, out of which, was paid for two taxi rides between Dharchula and Nagling.

All About My Previous Visit In 2016

As I said above, in 2016, BRO was still building the road in the area. Unlike in 2020 when the road has been built to Dhatu Village (2km from Panchachuli Base Camp) in 2016, it reached only to a village called Nangling (at least one day away from the base camp). Here’s how it was had you planned a journey in 2016…

Off late, the road construction works in Darma Valley and the route to Panchachuli is going on very aggressively.

panchachuli base camp trek

Starting from Sobla, the road has already connected the town of Nangling. Next is Baling and then Dhuktu. From Dhuktu Panchachuli Base Camp is an easy 1-hour trek.

Here’s a rough Panchachuli base camp trek map:

panchachuli base camp trekThis was the status of the road when I did the trek in October 2016. Since 2020, you get the road all the way to Dhuktu and beyond.

As of October 2016, you need 4 days to complete the Panchahuli Base Camp trek (from Dharchula). This is how the itinerary looks like:

Day 1: Dharchula to Dhuktu or Dhatu

You start from Dharchula – the town where you obtain the permit from the local SGM-in-charge to access the route.

If you take an early morning taxi, you can reach the town of Nangling before lunch. Nangling to Dhuktu takes 3-4 hours, depending on how fast you walk. So even if you start your Panchachuli Base camp trek at 2 in the afternoon, from Nangling, you can reach Dhuktu before sunset.

You stay in Dhuktu for the night.

panchachili base campdarma valley people

Day 2: Dhuktu To Panchachuli Base Camp

On day two, start early from Dhuktu towards the base camp. A 2-kilometer Panchachuli Base Camp trek (from Duktu) should take no more than 1 hour. Spend a couple of hours at the base camp and return to Dhuktu.

You can spend the day at Dhuktu or return to Nangling so that you can take the taxi to Dharchula the next morning.

Day 3: Return journey to Dharchula

Take the shared taxi to Dharchula (from Nangling) and you’re done. Trek completed. A few good selfies, with Panchachuli peaks in the backdrop, safely obtained.

Another Beautiful Trek I Recommend: Sandakphu Singalila Trek On India-Nepal Border

If you have been planning to do Panchachuli Base Camp trek again and again and lack the motivation to actually do it, read these Inspiring Travel Quotes. Set them as your phone or computer wallpaper. These quotes will certainly keep you motivated!

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  1. Asit Mukhopadhyay

    so nice description in detail. I am planning to go there in the month of October this year as per your suggestion. Actually we are only two. Me and my wife. (70 and 62). We have some trekking experience. How much time required to trek to Dhatu village from Dukti ? please inform and if i require more help please suggest. with lot of thanks for this informative writing.

  2. Samik Das

    Hello Dev,

    Can you please share the contacts of the homestay you mentioned?

  3. S C Minocha

    We are four friends all senior citizens, yet fit. We have done Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and other trekking tours. We are interested in Adi Kailash and Sinla Pass but in case, it is not possible, we intend to do Panchachuli base camp in September this year. We will be going by own car from Delhi to Dharchula and upto Dugtu if advisable.
    Can you please share contact number of a person who can help as guide, porter, tenting and food etc. Dharchula to Dharchula we want to spend a week. You are most welcome to comment on our itinerary
    Day 1 (01 Sep Wed)
    Delhi to Tanakpur
    330 kms 6 hrs
    Night stay at Tanakpur

    Day 2 (02 Sep Thu)
    Tanakpur to Dharchula
    240 kms 7 hrs
    Night stay at Dharchula

    Day 3 (03 Sep Fri)
    Dharchula to
    Tawaghat 17
    Sobla 18
    Nangling 10
    Baling 5
    Dugtu 5
    Dantu 2
    Night stay at Dugtu in tent

    Day 4 (04 Sep Sat)
    Trek to Base Camp 3 kms
    with porter and tent
    Night stay in tent

    Day 5 (05 Sep Sun)
    Trek to Zero point 3 kms
    Carry tent and stay overnight at zero point if possible in tent

    Day 6 (06 Sep Mon)
    Trek back to Dugtu
    Night stay in tent

    Day 7 (07 Sep Tue)
    Dugtu to Dharchula
    55 kms 6 hrs
    Night stay at Dharchula

    Day 8 (08 Sep Wed)
    Dharchula to Dhanachuli
    220 kms 7 hrs
    Night stay at Dhanachuli

    Day 9 (09 Sep Thu)
    Dhanachuli to Mukteshwar
    and back to Dhanachuli
    12+12 kms (to and fro)
    Night stay at Dhanachuli

    Day 10 (10 Sep Fri)
    Dhanachuli to Delhi
    325 kms 7 hrs

  4. Partha Sinha

    Hi! Dev. Is the name of the village (where you stayed during Panchachuli Base Camp trek) “DHATU” or “DANTU” ? Please confirm.

  5. Enjoyed reading tour tripolog. Dude, I’m also planning to go there on new year time. I’ve a ford freestyle. Can you please suggest till where can I comfortably reach past Dharchula.

  6. Niher Ranjan Das

    superb informative article ever read about Panchachuli BC journey. I am time- lapse filmmaker & nature photographer. I will visit next year may or june if covid -19 situation will controlled. Thank you from Bangladesh.

  7. Very comprehensive post Dev, thanks for sharing a detailed info.

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    Very comprehensive and informative report Dev. Thanks

  9. ashwin pokhariya

    Are people of age above 60 allowed to do this trek and if you have contacts there can you please tell me that if I want to take my own car am I allowed to do so I am a resident of didihat which is around 70-80 kms from dharchula.
    I will be very much thankful to you if you van provide me the needed info.

    • if you have a 4*4 it is very much possible to drive. Else, since you are a local Pahadi, I think you should be okay driving on those roads. check Arjun (9579042867) or Diwan (9458306152) they are old contacts so cant be sure. WRITING THIS MESSAGE FROM ASKOTE (very close to your place haha). Off to OM PARVAT on 10th OCtober.

  10. Ashish Gala

    This was my second trek after pabbar valley that is 12-15 years back . I still remember early morning sunrise. Sun rays falls on each peaks and gradually cover all the peaks. Every time I speak to friends and trekkers I mention this morning view . I don’t have any pic of it has in those days we don’t carry camera or not that familiar we it as this days . If I have any please share . Keep on exploring great blog thanks

  11. Oh. I am not a trekker. And hope that road is constructed. I am looking forward to visiting it someday.


    hi is the phone networks available during the trek???

    • No. When I was there in 2017, there was no phone reception except for BSNL. Not sure how it is at this moment as phone connectivity around border areas is improving very fast.

      • Dinesh Singh

        Dear Mr. Dev, Please suggest the best time to trek there. I also have done many treks like Hemkunt Saahib, Valley Of Flowers, Shrikhand Mahadev, Manimahesh, Amarnath, Kedarnath, ShivKhori etc.
        Actually I like your itenary plan bcoz I am working in a Co., doesn’t provide me more leaves. So I have limited time to done the treks.
        Also please suggest the best typical treks.

        Dinesh Singh

    • Sumeet Chaudhary

      Satellite phones are there in villages

  13. So sad. Did this trek in 2011, it was a multi-day trek, really enjoyed. That time the road work had just started from Dar. This road construction is justifiable due to the proximity to China border. But I hope the other trekking routes will be left as it since a road will kill the fun and also the livelihood of the local people.

  14. Sunil Singh Titiyal

    wellcome to Panchachuli Base Camp Treking : From Sunil Singh Titiyal …….kalika …….Dharchula….Pithoragarh….uttrakhand

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