Tag: Camping

Just thinking about going camping has a stress-relieving effect on me and makes me happy. Camping means staying close to nature outdoors, which never fails to boost my mood.

Other than staying close to nature what I love about camping is the fact how it changes the pace of life. It takes longer to make a simple cup of coffee, to wash up, to do most things really, which means I’m not thinking at a frantic pace like I am at home – camping forces me to slow down a bit and somehow makes me better at living in the ‘now’.

I have been camping for a long time. I started camping in the mountains because it was a way of saving money on accommodation for me. Since I have always been a solo traveller, camping meant, saving at least 500 Rupees every night.

But over time, as I did more and more camping, I got hooked to it. I now enjoy it over staying in a comfy guest house. Now that I am making good money from blogging and Youtubing etc, camping for saving money is not the reason anymore but the fun part behind it is.

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