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Europe is a long, long way away. It takes tiresome hours to fly to. Getting there and staying is expensive than many people can afford to. The exchange rate between Euro and whatever currency you own is also (as expected!) not very encouraging either. And if any will was left, the super-cheap all-inclusive packages to Bali and Indonesia, costing just as much as a return airfare to Europe does, makes it even more discouraging. So why even bother travelling to Europe at all? Well, let us count the ways in ‘Europe in Pictures’.

Europe For Neoclassical Architecture

The revival of Classical architecture during the 18th and early 19 century, defines Europe. Almost in every big city, and even in smaller towns, you can find an elegant piece of architecture characterised either by the grandeur of scale, or something just as alarming. Take St. Stephen’s Basilica in Budapest, for an example, which looks both reviving and ancient. With its 100-meter high dome, it represents a neoclassical and a period architecture.

Europe For Beautiful Drives

Whether driving with a purpose or for recreation, in Europe if you’re behind the wheel, you’ll inevitably be treated with nature and beauty. From grassy patches to terraced vineyards to wheat farms — there will always be a lot of green and a lot of yellow, around you.

Europe For Charming Cities And Their Birdseye Views

With almost every city offering its own version of the birds-eye view, it’s difficult to say which one is your favourite. But for some, however, including me, the view from the top of the “Main Tower”, overlooking the streets and neighbouring skyline in Frankfurt, can be one of the best. [Also See: Frankfurt Travel Guide]

Europe For Graffiti Areas

Where graffiti, in many places, appear as an act of vandalism, in Ljubljana’s Metelkova Artistic Space, it does not. Here, Graffiti is considered as a creative art form. With its several weird and wonderful buildings, standing still, almost harmoniously, for you to marvel at, for hours, Metelkova city was once a sad and prominent area acting as military Barracks. But not anymore!

Europe For History And Stories

Europe is full of history. And each city, through its own art and public attractions, tells stories. For example, this statue of US president Ronald Regan at Liberty Square, in Budapest, speaks highly of the respect and tribute to the man that many Hungarians consider as, even today, an important person for ending communist rule in their country. [Also See: Budapest In Pictures]

Europe For Street Food

Though street food is often considered a thing of the East — or of Asia, to be particular — some cities in Europe are not ready to give away the title so easily. Vienna, for example, is definitely one among them. And all the credit goes to Viennese sausage stands, known as Würstelstand, that are more in number than anything else in the city. These sausage stands that look an integral part of the Viennese cityscape, have always been a true Viennese culinary trademark too. So if want to complete your Vienna visit to your satisfaction, make sure to eat at one of these sausage stands. [Also Read: What To See & Do In Vienna]

Europe For Scenic Landscapes

One thing that makes Europe a big beautiful continent is its equal share of green and white-concrete. And this nearly Ariel view from the observation deck of 216.61 m high Television Tower, in Stuttgart, Germany portrays that beautifully. [Also Read: What To See & Do In Stuttgart]

Europe For Cobblestone Streets And Sunsets

European Cobblestone streets add to a romantic sunset /sunrise experience. But beautiful among all, are the streets in Prague, and in Prague, the popular Charles Bridge. With its army of tourists squeezing through a gauntlet of hawkers, the Charles bridge looks just as beautiful as something staged does. If you want to experience the bridge at its most atmospheric, try to visit it at dawn. [Also Read: How To See Prague In One Day]

Europe For The Love For Trams

No other place in the world can beat Europe for its tram system. In many cities like Prague and Budapest, a tram ride can just be the highlight of your trip, and if not, it will surely prove to be an ideal way of exploring the city. Tram number 2 in Budapest, for example, takes the entire river route from one side of Pest to the other — while taking you across city highlights like the Parliament, the chain bridge, and the market hall. [Also Read: What To See In Budapest]

Europe Takes You Back In Time

It’s amazing how the many historical cities in Europe take you back in time. A horse-coach ride in Vienna, for example, can be the best way to experience a sense of nostalgia. The baroque style architecture in the background will moreover add to the charm. Do not miss it on your next trip and feel Imperial Vienna at its best.

Europe For Unbelievable Landscapes

The huge diversity of natural scenery in Europe also never fails to surprise the tourist. From rugged Scottish Highlands with glens and lochs to Norway’s fabulous fjords, seemingly chipped to jagged perfection by giants, you can find anything and everything here. Take Bohemian and Saxon Sandstone Park in the Czech Republic for an example. An unreal sandstone formation carved by hundreds of thousands of years of continuous erosion, that still looks more powerful than anything around them, there’s no similar landscape anywhere else in the world. [Further Reading On: Bohemian & Saxon Switzerland Park]

Europe For Romantic Riversides

One thing I totally adore about most popular European cities, including Basel, Budapest, Zurich, and Prague, among others, is their beautiful riverside. Each city defines its charm by defining how beautiful its Riverside looks. And they all excel in it, almost equally beautifully. But when it comes to the riverside of Frankfurt, perfectly beautified with a dark blue river and an impressive skyline with a glow, things become even more blissful. A vibrant outdoor eating and drinking culture around the river makes Frankfurt Riverside its visitors’ top pick.

Europe And Its Storybook Towns

The many romantic streets of Europe, beautified with ancient boulevards, famous thoroughfares, and cobblestones, are ripe for exploring. But if you’re keen on upping the cuteness quota, look no further than the romantic streets of Prague.

Europe For Its Eternal And Ancient Cities

Other than quaint, adorable streets that dominate the towns in Europe are the long-lost history. And no place can be better to experience than Rome. After all, Rome is a result of 3000 years of ad hoc urban development. In Rome, where ancient icons, such as the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Pantheon testify to its historical role; the many Italian stone pine, cover the city in its own penetrable green, and add an eternal flourish to the city’s captivating looks.

Europe For Money And Power And Beauty

European history is full of modest families that rose to become one of the most powerful and gracious of their time. And the Rennaisance period in Rome testifies for the statement. The gardens of Villa d’este, a16th-century Renaissance villa, famous for its landscaped gardens and lavish fountains, are still the most beautiful and beloved highlight of Italy.

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