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Best Aftermarket Jawa 42 Bike Accessories

Looking for Jawa 42 accessories online? Want to buy reliable Jawa aftermarket accessories like exhaust, backrest and seat? In this article, you will find some products that I have personally used, and recommend.

Where I have tried and tested these Jawa 42 aftermarket accessories on my bike, most of these products can be used on your Jawa Classic too, as both motorcycles have the same hardware.

For example, both the 42 and Classic have the same Handlebar diameter of 22.2mm, with the same bar pipe thickness of 2/2.3mm. Similarly, both are hollow, use the same bolt bar (of M8X28) and so on and so forth. So yea, if my Jawa 42 mobile holder fits perfectly on my 42, it’s going to fit perfectly on your Classic too. If I can charge my phone with my Jawa 42 mobile holder and charger without any problem, you can do so on your Classic or Jawa Perak too, because they have the same battery.


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Now, let’s get to the topic and discuss some Jawa Classic, Jawa Perak and Jawa 42 aftermarket accessories…

With people reading about my motorbiking journeys on this website and watching videos on my Youtube Channel I get regular queries about my motorcycle gear.

To answer those questions, I’ve put together this page that talks about my personal Jawa 42 Riding Gear and aftermarket accessories.

Please note that some of the things mentioned below may seem expensive, but their quality will make up for their price tag. They’re long-lasting, attractive, and value for money.


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There may be a low-cost alternative to some of the products, but if you want the tried and tested Jawa accessories online, look no further. Use the links I’ve provided in the article to make sure you don’t end up buying a similar-looking, but wrong product.

I have also written other articles for more details about Jawa 42 and the Jawa Delivery Waiting Time that you may find worth reading. You may also be interested in reading a comparison review of my Jawa 42 mileage.

Jawa 42 Aftermarket Accessories

Jawa Handlebar Grips

Just like most retro-looking motorcycles, Jawas look even better if you have a pair of handlebar grips installed on them. I got my grips from tripmachine and boy, they look great on my Comet Red. Other than looking great, they also offer a great deal of comfort. Sometimes, when you’re riding for long hours, your palms go numb, but not if you’ve leather grips installed. So yea, other than improving the looks, they add a level of comfort too. They come in two colours the one given above look better and makes for lovely Jawa 42 aftermarket accessories. This colour will look good no matter what colour your motorcycle is.

Jawa Bike Cover

When it comes to buying a motorcycle cover, two things you need to be careful about are 1) is quality and 2) the ease of putting it on and taking it off. I bought a few covers for 42 and my search ended with this product. I’ve promoted this bike cover in a Youtube Video (scroll down to see the video) as well and have been using it for the last 10 months now. The best thing about this bike cover is that you can attach it to your bike’s saree guard and take it along with you on your journeys. Hands down, it’s one of the useful and best Jawa 42 aftermarket accessories for me.

Jawa Mobile Holder

There are two types of mobile holders: claw grip and jaw grip. Jaw grips are comparatively cheaper but less-sturdy. They make your phone shake if you’re riding at high speed. Claw grip mobile holders, on the other hand, are expensive but very sturdy and long-lasting. I had a Jaw Grip Jawa 42 mobile holder by Grandpitstop before it got stolen in Uttarakhand (see the video here if you already haven’t) after which I bought the Claw Grip. Though it was a little expensive, it was worth the investment. The Grand Pitstop mobile holder & charger is safe to charge your phone with your Jawa motorcycle’s battery. I’ve been personally doing so for months.

Jawa Bike Anti-puncture Liquid

Does Jawa come with tubeless tyres? No. So what’s the solution to make it puncture-free and not get stranded at 12 in the night because of a puncture? Add an anti-puncture liquid. Now, when it comes to an anti-puncture liquid, there are quite a few options available. I strongly suggest you do not buy any cheap products out there. A cheap anti-puncture liquid can make your motorcycle wobble and reduce the life of the tyres. I’ve used Ayaami anti-puncture liquid for Jawa 42 and rode my bike over 15,000km. Never did I get a puncture, nor my bike wobbled at high speed. You need to buy 2 bottles: one for each tyre. This aftermarket Jawa accessory is worth an investment. Use the above link. Don’t end up buying the wrong anti-puncture liquid for Jawa motorcycles.

Chain Lube & Cleaner

Most Jawa owners write to me on Instagram stating that they were charged hefty amount during their motorcycle’s service, and the biggest and most useless cost was for cleaning and lubing the chain. On several occasions, the owners were charged about 600 Rupees for only cleaning and lubing the chain, where the service centre did nothing beyond using this Motul Chain Cleaner and Lube. I suggest, before your Jawa motorcycle service, ask the service centre to not use Motul and clean the chain using petrol/diesel. When done with your service, use this 600 Rupee Motul C1/C2 kit and do the job yourself. This kit can be used about 4-5 times to clean and lube your chain.

Jawa 42 Backrest

Though you can find a few cheaper alternatives to this product in the local market, if you want to order one online, this product is a good investment. This backrest was suggested to me by someone who had it installed on their 42. I have personally seen it and can vouch for its good looks. So yea, if you’re looking for a Jawa 42 backrest online, go ahead and order it. They also have a bacrest+luggage rack combination for about 1100 Rupees.

Jawa 42 Aftermarket Seat

We all know that Jawa’s stock-seat has bad comfort. If you want to enjoy touring you need to install a seat with better cushion. This Jawa aftermarket seat is a great product that was suggested to me by a friend. He has installed it on his 42 and it made his bike look heavier and more attractive. Unlike a flat seat, this bucket-seat gives much better comfort. Since it is a custom made seat for Jawa bikes, you don’t need to worry about the size and dimensions.

Air Comfy Seat For Jawa 42, Classic & Perak

If you don’t want to install an aftermarket seat on your Jawa motorcycle but want a temporary fix while touring, go for this Air Comfy Seat by Grand Pitstop. Its inbuilt air pump allows you to inflate and deflate the seat while on the go. It also comes with a tail bone support to help you reduce hip-pain while riding. The seat is easy to attach and detach and takes about less than a minute to do so. I have personally used the Air comfy seat for Jawa 42 during a couple of rides including my 2-months all-India Delhi to Kerala (and back) ride. I have used this product during many offroading adventures, including my recent ride to Lipulekh Pass on Kailash Mansarovar Road.

Flip Key

Want to show off the ignition key of the bike? This is your best bet that will give a feel of owning a premium Royal motorcycle — say, a Harley Davidson. Owning a Flip key will also save you from the usual struggle of changing the keyring every now and then. I down-own this flip key, to be honest, but I have seen people sharing and saying good things about it in my Jawa Owners and Lovers Facebook group. So yea, let’s trust their feedback, shall we?

Jawa 42 Radiator Grill

Before I speak about this product, let me clarify that the same radiator-grill will fit the classic version too. Now, when it comes to radiator grills there are quite a few aftermarket products available online, with some costing over 1500 Rupees too. Among all, the SGTB Radiator Protector Grill is the most price-efficient product. With the Jawa logo, the company has kept its design very minimal & authentic too.


If you are bored with the factory-fitted pillion footrest or find them a bit smaller, this pair of aluminium made footrest is what you need. Made of high-quality anti-rust material, they look great on Jawa motorcycles, especially on the classic variant.

Metal Headlight Grill

Though despite having all-India tours, I never felt a need to install a metal grill on my Jawa 42, many riders believe it is an essential safety hazard. These metal headlight grill, therefore, get a much deserving place in this list of top Jawa 42 accessories. Made of high-quality metal, in less than 900 Rupees what you get in the package, other than the headlight grill is 4PCs of indicator grills and 1 Pc of taillight grill, including all necessary fitting.

Riding Helmet

While riding, you sometimes need to answer calls. This is where Bluetooth helmets (or an external Bluetooth helmet device) come into the picture. The only problem is, Bluetooth helmets are expensive, require charging, and drain out your phone’s battery. So what’s the solution? A helmet with in-built speaker and mic that connects with your phone using an AUX cable, and that’s what the Steelbird SBA-1 Helmet actually is. So, if you’re looking to buy something similar that looks good on a retro-looking bike, go for it. I’ve been personally using this helmet for most of my rides.

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Studds Flip-up Helmet

Open face helmets look better on classic motorcycles but the problem is, they’re not safe to ride with. Full-face helmets, on the other hand, only look good on bikes like Pulsar and Apache. That’s where a flip-up helmet comes into play. You can open a flip-up helmet when riding in the city, and make it full-face when riding on highways. This helmet by Studds is a great product. We had someone using this helmet with a Jawa Classic during our ‘Punjab da Tor’ Jawa official ride and it looked better than my Steelbird SBA (check these Jawa 42 Perak images for some of its photos). If you don’t answer calls while riding, and don’t need the helmet I suggested above, go for this Jawa helmet.

Riding Jacket

Riding Jackets are expensive, so you need to buy something that’s long-lasting. Made of 600D polyester textile and mesh, Raida TourBine is certainly durable. I’ve used it for almost a year concluding a 2-month south India ride, 3 nearly 1-month rides in the Himalayas — total 5 months of adventure riding and the jacket is still brand new. It comes with a reversible waterproof and thermal liner that you can take off if it’s hot or put on if it’s cold or raining. Speaking of protection, you get level-2 padding on shoulders and elbows, and level one on chest and back.

Another riding jacket I can suggest as useful Jawa riding gear is the all-season Biking Brotherhood Xplorer. If you have a Comet Red 42 or a Maroon Classic, Xplorer RED Jacket looks great. It comes with a strong mix of both Mesh and Cordura. The jacket feels comfortable and keeps you safe with its armours on both elbows, shoulders, and back. I certainly approve this jacket’s hard built armours. It also has an inner removable liner for a comfortable riding experience in cold and hot weather.

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Riding Pants

Just like a riding jacket, buying a pair of riding pant is an expensive deal too. And you don’t want to invest in something that will make you regret later. I have been using and firmly recommend Rynox Advento Riding pants. It comes with 2 detachable layers: an internal warm insulation liner and an external waterproof liner. If you’re riding in a city, locally, you can also only use the external waterproof liner to keep yourself dry or to cheat the wind. Other than a remarkable ventilation system, the pants have a knee, leg and hip protection, with its knee and leg armours being totally adjustable.

Waist Pouch

The waist pouch by Rynox is a perfect alibi to carry a few daily essentials. Its 3 Ltr cargo space is big enough to carry the documents for your Jawa motorcycle, a small digicam/Gopro, a wallet, a mobile phone, a pair of sunglasses and other tiny essentials. The bag is made of tough polyester fabric with its main compartment being 100% waterproof. I sometimes also use this waist pouch as my crossbody sling chest bag.

Riding Gloves

The best thing I love about these riding gloves is that I can use my phone touch screen without taking them off. They are made of Carbon Fibre which means they’re going to keep your fingers safe no matter what. While other gloves at this price range come with TPU moulded knuckle protector, this one here comes with carbon fibre knuckle and finger protectors. They also keep your palms sweat-free thanks to proper ventilation. And speaking of their design and looks, they look perfect with a classic looking motorcycle like a Jawa Classic or 42.

Jawa 42 Saddlebags

When I got my 42, I bought a pair of saddlebags from England that cost me a whopping 50,000 Rupees (see my saddlebags’ youtube video). I spoke about it and figured not many people have such a budget for their Jawa 42 aftermarket accessories. So, I started looking for an alternative. During my official Jawa Motorcycles Punjab Ride, I saw someone carrying a pair of saddlebags from Trek ‘N’ Ride. The person was using them on his classic and they looked great. These saddlebags come with outer pockets as have enough storage for a 15-20 days trip. This is a great product if you’re looking for good budget saddlebags for Jawa motorcycles.

Jawa 42 TailBag

This most recent investment in my luggage system is this tail-bag from Viaterra. And the reason for buying it? It looks just perfect on Jawa motorcycles. So far I was using a combination of saddlebags + a duffel bag and the two biggest challenge I had with that setup was: 1) They were three different bags (2 saddlebags and 1 duffel bag), and 2) the saddlebags because they keep hanging halfway off the rear tyre, in slush saddlebags get really dirty. I have noticed that saddlebags are perfect for motorcycles like Himalayan or Xpulse where the pillion seat is at a great distance apart from the rear tyre. For motorcycles like Jawa or Royal Enfield Classic, it’s better to have something that sits on the pillion seat rather than hanging down and getting dirty. This is when something similar looking to this Tailbag from Viaterra comes into the picture. Since I have got them, I have stopped using any other luggage system (except for a tank bag). It looks perfect on my 42 and gives me enough cargo space to carry stuff for a 2-3 weeks trip.

Jawa Bike Tankbag

I bought this tank-bag and has been using it since my 20-day motorcycle trip to  Uttarakhand in May 2019. It’s waterproof and offers enough storage to keep a 14-inch laptop, a camera, two lenses, a camera mic, and a Gorillapod — in short, all my blogging/vlogging gear. Another noteworthy thing about this tank bag is that it has a transparent phone pouch on top where you can keep your phone and still see through it. So yea, other than functioning as a tank-bag it functions as mobile holder too. Hands downs, if you’re looking for useful Jawa accessories online, you can trust my experience and buy this tank-bag. It won’t spoil your motorcycle’s looks.


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Jawa Official Accessories

If you are planning to buy Jawa official accessories, let me tell you that they’re all great quality, however, some of the similar aftermarket accessories can be cheaper. Eg, the grab-rail they’re offering for 750 Rupees can be found aftermarket for about 300 or 400 Rupees. The same thing applies to crash-guards. But the fact that an aftermarket product may lack quality can not be disregarded.

Speaking of myself, things I’ve bought from Jawa company include a centre stand, matte-black crash guard and the hammerhead backrest. I’ve got two Jawa T-shirts and a Quasar Helmet too.

Now, for your reference, here’s the rate-list for all official Jawa accessories.

  • Quasar/Helmet helmet: INR 2,099
  • T-shirts: INR 899
  • Center stand: INR 799
  • Bar-end mirrors: INR 1,598
  • Matte black crash guard: INR 1499
  • Chrome crash guard: INR 1599
  • The hammerhead backrest: INR 399+599+999 (three assemblies in total)
  • The hammerhead spoiler: INR 999
  • The classic grab-rail: INR 749

Please note that the prices mentioned above were as per March 2020. To check the updated price, visit Jawa Motorcycle’s official page.

If you’re wondering why this list didn’t include any aftermarket Jawa exhaust or an aftermarket Jawa crash guard, it’s because I have personally not bought them online. Neither did I find anyone who bought such one such Jawa 42 accessories.

Though I have seen a few aftermarket Jawa exhausts online, I do not know if they’re reliable and look good on the bike, so we aren’t talking about them. All the products mentioned above are the ones that I’ve been personally using or were recommended to me by someone I know.

This is all for official and aftermarket Jawa accessories. I hope you have found the suggestions useful. If you have a question about any of the products mentioned above, you can contact me on Instagram (find me on Instagram as ‘Footloose Dev’).

If you’ve tried another similar product not mentioned in the list and loved it, please share about it in the comments below. Let’s help the community!

And now, a few related videos of Jawa 42 accessories I am using and have reviewed…

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