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Jawa Perak: All You Need to Know

Looking for a detailed Jawa Perak review, including info on its mileage, pillion double seat, performance, comfort and other nitty-gritty details? This blog is for you.

Think of this blog as an owner review of Jawa Perak, as whatever is written is written on the basis of my few days of ownership of this bike. I was given this beautiful one-seater bobber during our official Punjab Da Tor ride, where I experienced and experimented all I could.

So starting with a few details of our Punjab da Tor ride (skip this bit if you aren’t & refer to the table of contents below) let’s continue with all factual information including things like Jawa Perak mileage, delivery time, and other performance issues.


Punjab Da Tor

Jawa Motorcycles, in March 2020, organised an official ride in Punjab to make a few commercials and short movies (that will be out soon) as a part of their marketing campaign.

It was a 6-day 5-night ride organised by Classic Legends.

30 Riders (with about 10-15 Jawa Perak), including the core team of Jawa Motorcycles in India and the two founders, covering nearly 800 km through the heartland of Punjab.

punjab da tor

I was invited by Jawa motorcycles as one of two influencers (write the name of the other influencer in the comments below if you know. If you have seen my Instagram Stories you would know the person).

Everything, during the ride, was taken care of by Jawa Motorcycles — from hotel to food to whatever else in between. They even planned and took care of tea breaks on the route. The ride was named as Punjab da Tor.

Though I carried my own Jawa 42 as well, I was given a Jawa Perak to experiment and review the motorcycle during the ride.

Here’s how the itinerary looked:

punjab da tor ride

Day 1: Arrive in Amritsar. Explore Amritsar.

Day 2: Visit Attari and other places nearby Amritsar. Stay in Amritsar.

Day 3: Amritsar to Jalandhar via Tarn Taran Sahib and Sultanpur Lodhi.

Day 4: Jalandhar to Ludhiana via Nakodar.

Day 5: Ludhiana to Chandigarh via Nangal.

During the ride I happened to try the Jawa Perak bobber for pretty decent time. I tested it in different terrains.

I rode it in the foothills of the Himalayas studying its manoeuvring, on highways testing the top speed of Jawa Perak, and in all major cities in Punjab enjoying its road-presence.

You can see all three daily-vlogs on my Youtube channel.

Other than exploring the machine on my own, I had a pretty good opportunity to interact with the core Jawa team and ask related questions. From the obvious “will Jawa Perak come with a double seat” to the not-so-obvious questions I asked them all.

Here’s a quick review video I published on my Youtube channel during the ride…

Jawa Perak Pillion Seat Modification

If you are looking for a pillion seat to this one-seat bobber in the world of aftermarket accessories, then I am sure you will find one around you!

If you are looking for the company to provide an aftermarket pillion seat for Jawa Perak, then forget it.

As of now, there aren’t any aftermarket seats available in the market either. But I am hopeful that as soon as the motorcycle is launched, those who are in modification work with get the measurements and provide a solution.

Update September 2020: Someone from Chandigarh has ended up doing Jawa Perak double seat modification last week. This is how it looks…

perak pillion seat

As far as the looks are concerned, they seem to have done a decent job (for a budget deal). But speaking of the safety, I don’t think the seat will be strong enough to carry a 70kg pillion on a long tour.

If you will have a closer look you will see that there is not much support for this Jawa Perak pillion seat. Also, the mounting is too far. Now, the farther the mounting the more the weight on the joint, from where the mounting begins.

With frequent use, the joint (or the welding) can come off.

I have made a complete video on my youtube channel, explaining why this particular Jawa Pillion seat is not safe enough. The video also talks about what a comparatively safer modification will look like.

You will also see a few more Jawa Perak modifications in the video shared above, including a different exhaust and a foldable number plate. All modifications include aftermarket accessories.

Jawa Perak Delivery Waiting Time

I have already stated in another blog about Jawa 42 delivery time that the company is following the First-In-First-Out method of inventory (also known as FIFO system).

According to this, every delivery will be decided as per its booking date. Those who booked a Jawa Perak early are going to get it first than those who booked it later. Classic Legends are following a fair sequence order.

Having said that, one thing that’s certain is that the waiting time for all Jawa motorcycles is going to be fair.

Speaking of the launch date, Jawa Perak deliveries began from 20th July 2020, as announced by Classic Legends in the media, as awell as on their Instagram channel.

Jawa perak bike

I also did a similar post on my Instagram channel (follow me on Instagram for regular info about Jawa motorcycles) one day before the company’s announcement giving hints about Jawa Perak delivery and waiting time.

I later visited the local dealership and confirmed the date…

Now, the delivery or waiting time of Jawa Perak is going to keep fluctuating. Due to Coronavirus, the supply chain is badly affected too.

Keep asking your local dealership as the delivery time depends on the frequency of motorcycles being manufactured and launched from the factory too and not just the number of bookings before you.

Update September 2020: I enquired about the waiting time for Jawa Perak at a few local dealerships in Delhi. Most of the dealerships have at least 5 months of waiting time at the moment. It is, however, expected that by the end of 2020 the waiting period will reduce by a few months.

Jawa Perak Mileage

Though it is something that depends on how you ride your bike, I have asked a few owners and the mileage of Jawa Perak, for them, is turning out be somewhere between 25 to 30 kmpl.

Again, please note that stating the exact mileage is not possible and it varies from motorcycle to motorcycle. For example, I have always received a mileage of nearly 40kmlp from my Jawa 42. But I often come across other owners claiming to be getting mileage of below 30 kmpl from their 42 or Classic.

So stating a number that is valid for you too isn’t possible.

As far as the technology of the motorcycle is concerned, Jawa Perak isn’t very different from 42 or Classic, except for a little increase in power and engine displacement.

Having said that, if you drive very economically, you should be able to keep your Jawa Perak mileage around 35. If, however, you practise aggressive acceleration and braking while riding, you may get a lower number.

During my Punjab Da Tor ride, I tried calculating the milage of  Jawa Perak and I got 25 kmpl. Please note that the bike was a testing vehicle and I was riding in a group. My gear-shifting was not-so-economical.

Other than that, Jawa Perak comes with the same 14-litre tank capacity as the other two motorcycles by Jawa. So if you’re getting mileage of 35-40, be rest assured that a 14-litre tank is good enough for touring.

Those who have seen my Ladakh videos may know that I never carried extra fuel during the entire ride, given my 42 was giving a mileage of 35+ during the ride.

Jawa Perak Top Speed

During the Punjab Da Tor ride, I tested the top speed a few times. I could easily go above 135 km per hour with some power still left in the bike to push further.

According to some publications on Google, the top speed of Jawa Perak is between 150 and 160 kilometres per hour. But it would take some effort for it to go above 150 I believe.

I will do more top speed and 0 to 60 km per hour in how many seconds tests soon and publish videos on my Youtube channel.

Compared to my 42, it has a better top end. It produces 30bhp and 31Nm of torque.

As far as vibrations in Jawa Perak are concerned, the bike is phenomenally smooth and you won’t feel anything until 100 km per hour speed.

Jawa Perak

Jawa Perak Accessories

Most official accessories like the handlebar mirror, the crash guard are the same as for 42 and Classic. So you can check their price on the official Jawa Motorcycles website.

You can also check this blog on Jawa aftermarket accessories for a list of third-party accessories.

As far as the question of official accessories that stock Jawa Perak comes with is concerned, you will be disappointed to know that there isn’t much in package. The bike comes just as raw as Jawa 42 or the classic.

The only difference will be, where 42 and classic come without the bar-end rear-view mirrors and you need to pay Rupees 1598 for a pair if you want them, in Jawa Perak, it is a free accessory.

I have made a video of Jawa Perak delivery where the owner told me he did not have to pay for bar-end mirrors and it was a part of the free accessory. Here’s the video…

For other accessories, like the crash-guards, however, you will have to pay.

You can check Jawa Motorcycle’s official page for all official add-on accessories. Or read this blog on Jawa Perak aftermarket accessories.

jawa showroom

Performance In Monsoon

Out of all the settings, if you are wondering why I am talking about Jawa Perak performance in monsoon, in particular, is because it was only in Monsoon that Perak didn’t make an impression on me.

Because of disproportionate weight or god knows what, the rear wheel of Jawa Perak loses grip a lot.

In slush or in rain, you will have to be a lot careful riding a Perak.

perak photos

The Road Presence

There is no denying the fact that Jawa motorcycles are catchy. I remember when I owned the only 42 in my city, I caught quite a few eyeballs. In road presence, Jawa Perak is even killer.

Rest assured, if there’s one thing that you need not worry, it is the road presence of this machine.

Check these pictures of all Jawa motorcycles and compare Perak with 42 and classic.


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Jawa Perak Specifications

Engine Type: Single Cylinder, Four Stroke, Liquid Cooled, SI Engine, DOHC

Displacement: 334 cc

Max Power: 30. 64 PS

Max Torque: 32. 74 Nm

No. of Cylinders: One

Cooling System: Liquid Cooled

Valve Per Cylinder: Four

Drive Type: Chain Drive

Starting: Self Start only

Fuel Supply: Fuel Injection

Transmission: Manual

Gear Box: 6 Speed

Engine Type: BS6 only

That’s all about Jawa Perak for now. If you have any particular questions that I did not answer, please leave a comment below.

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    Is there any buyback offer? If I could trade in my classic for Perak

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    I believe the Perak would be registered as a single seater in the RC smart card.
    So any modification of adding a seat would require get it endorsed on the RC too, which I is a pain in the A** if you ask me. Perak looks good as a bobber and my two cents is adding a seat would make the uniqueness go away.

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