jawa perak accessories

Jawa Perak Accessories

Looking for Jawa Perak accessories? Want to get the most out of India’s most affordable bobber? In this blog, I will talk about some of the best selling official and aftermarket accessories you can buy online.

Those who have been following me closely may already know that I cover the latest trends on Jawa Motorcycles here on this blog, on my Youtube channel and my Instagram. I was one of the first few influencers who broke news about Jawa Perak launch date. My Jawa 42 was moreover among the first 10 motorcycles launched by Classic legends across India. So yea, when it comes to best official and aftermarket Jawa Perak accessories, you can certainly trust this list.

But before I do that, I want to share a couple of useful videos I have made on this beautiful bobber. I was also invited for the official Punjab Da Tor ride where I rode a Perak before its launch and understood its capabilities and features.

Now let’s get to the topic in hand and discuss…

Official And Aftermarket Jawa Perak Accessories

Bike Cover

One of the biggest challenges, particularly during the early days of ownership of my Jawa 42, was keeping my motorcycle safe while at parking and while I wasn’t around. Because it caught attention, people would come near it, click selfies, and sometimes, unintentionally, end up scratching the body paint. To deal with the issue, I started putting a cover on my motorcycle whenever I would park it. Though I bought a more practical bike cover for touring for my 42, they haven’t yet made the same bike cover for Jawa Perak. And because it is important to buy something that is made for the exact dimensions of your bike, I suggest you buy the one shown above if you have a Jawa Perak. It will fit your motorcycle perfectly.

Silencer Wrap

Made of high-quality silicate fibre this Bike Exhaust Heat Shield is another useful aftermarket Jawa Perak accessories. I would recommend you buy it for two reasons: 1) It looks good. This 350 Rupee product can give your exhaust a different look altogether and save you from bleeding 4 or 5 thousand Rupees that you may otherwise spend on a new exhaust. 2) The other reason to buy it is to save your feet from accidentally touching the exhaust rod — something very useful for those who wear slippers and ride.

Air Comfy Seat

If you are planning to add a pillion seat on Perak as soon as you buy it, let me tell you that you’re going to make it look worse than any other motorcycle out there. See the difference below (and I’ve dozens of other similar photos to prove so):

jawa perak seat

So yea, adding a pillion seat is a bad idea.

Even if you are not going to add a pillion seat and only add a cushion on the single-seat provided, chances are, the original colour combination and charm will be lost. So what’s the solution? Buying an Air Comfy Seat from Grand Pitstop. The seat is easy to attach and detach, and its inbuilt air pump makes it easy to inflate and deflate it while on the go. I have personally been using this Air Comfy seat for over a year now, hence it deserves a mention in this list of recommended Jawa Perak accessories.

Handlebar Grips

Just like mosts retro-looking motorcycles, bobbers look better if you have a pair of leather handlebar grips installed on them. It makes them more eyecatching. Other than adding to the looks, the grips also offer a great deal of comfort. When you are touring for long hours, your palms, sometimes, go numb. But not if you’ve leather grips installed, they don’t. So yea, other than improving the looks, they add a level of comfort too. So whether it’s about comfort or looks, these pair of handlebar grips from Tripmachine is certainly one of the must-have Jawa Perak aftermarket accessories. Please note that they come in a few different colours, including black. The brown ones look better.

Mobile Holder

There are two types of mobile holders available in the market: claw grip and jaw grip. Jaw grips are comparatively cheaper but less-sturdy. I initially bought a Jaw-grip and it would start shaking whenever I go beyond 40 or 50kmph. Later, I changed into this Claw grip mobile holder by Grandpistop and I am totally loving it. I have been using it for over 1.5 years and I am still happy. Though it was a little expensive than a jaw-grip, it was still worth the investment. The Grand Pitstop mobile holder & charger is safe to charge your phone with your motorcycle’s battery. I’ve been personally using it for my One Plus 7. So yea, This mobile holder is one of the must-have aftermarket Jawa Perak accessories.

Anti-puncture Liquid

If you’re wondering what is the best way to make sure you’re not stuck with a flat-tyre in an empty road somewhere (since Jawa bikes don’t have tubeless tyres) it is by adding an anti-puncture liquid. But when it comes to an anti-puncture liquid, there are quite a few options available online. The cheapest one available on Amazon is this 350 Rupee product by a company called Fresh Global. Then there are other brands like Seelin and Formula X. Honestly speaking, I cannot guarantee how effective they are (since they’re comparatively cheaper from the Aayami anti-puncture liquid featured above). I have personally added Aayami in my 42 and have ridden nearly 20,000 km. If you are following me on Youtube, you may know that I have ridden in Ladakh, Zanskar and done a lot of offroading, and never have I ever got a single puncture. So yea, I recommend Aayami anti-puncture liquid among the must-have Jawa Perak accessories. You need to buy 2 bottles: one for each tyre. Use the link shared above. Don’t end up buying a wrong anti-puncture liquid as there are quite a few of them available — for tube as well as tubeless tyres.

Chain Lube & Cleaner

Many Jawa owners write to me on Instagram stating that they were charged a lot for cleaning and lubing the chain during their bike service — on several occasions, over 600 Rupees. This is because they use Motul Chain Cleaner and Lube that costs 600 Rupees for a 150ml bottle. To avoid this, when you go for servicing, ask the service centre to not use Motul and clean the chain using petrol/diesel. When done with your service, use this 600 Rupee Motul C1/C2 kit and do the job yourself. This kit can be used about 4-5 times to clean and lube your chain. If you’re touring, you can carry this kit with you (that comes with a cleaning brush) and keep servicing your motorcycle’s chain. More than a bike accessory this kit is a necessity!


I have been using this tank-bag by Raida on my Jawa 42 since my 20-day motorcycle trip to  Uttarakhand in May 2019 and I totally love it. And since we cannot carry luggage on a bobber like a motorcycle, except for a tank-bag, I recommend you buy a tank bag. It’s waterproof and offers enough storage to keep a 14-inch laptop, a camera, two lenses, a camera mic, and a Gorillapod — in short, all my blogging/vlogging gear. If you are not vlogging, you can carry clothes for about one-week trip somewhere. No wonder, this is one of the most practical and useful Jawa Perak Accessories.

Another noteworthy thing about this tank bag is that it has a transparent phone pouch on top where you can keep your phone and still see through it. So yea, other than functioning as a tank-bag it functions as mobile holder too. And yes, despite being of the biggest tank bags available in the market, it won’t spoil your motorcycle’s looks.

This was all in the aftermarket accessories for Jawa Perak. If you want to buy recommended riding gear, I have written a few detailed articles on different topics too. Read:

  1. Best Motorcycle Riding Jackets In India
  2. Best Motorcycle Tank Bags (I strongly recommend buying a tank bag for Jawa Perak as you cannot carry much luggage because of no pillion seat).

If you are a Youtuber or enjoy recording your motorcycle journeys, I suggest you read this article on best motovlogging helmet cameras in India.

Official Jawa Perak accessories

Most of the official accessories by Jawa are for the classic and 42. For Perak, however, all we have is a helmet (that I don’t really understand why someone would buy because of its price tag) and a pair of saddlebags.

The Jawa Perak Helmet is available for a whopping INR 4499 price tag. It’s a full-face helmet with PERAK written on top, and that’s it. Though the helmet looks pretty sturdy, I don’t believe it justifies the price tag. For 4500 Rupees you can get a really nice Offroading or a Hybrid Flip-up or something with features like a double-wiser, a spoiler and so on and so forth. I recommend you read this article on 18 Best Helmets In India, including some of the cheapest Bluetooth helmets in the market.

Another Official Jawa Perak accessory is the saddlebags that cost 3599 for the bags and 1499 for the frame-set. It is possible to get a similar frame-set in the aftermarket for a lower price. The saddlebags, however, are of no match. Though they’ve really low cargo space (I think around 5L or something I am not sure) but they look really nice on the motorcycle.

So yea, among all official Jawa Perak accessories available right now, only saddlebags are worth giving consideration for.

You can also find some official Rig in the store.

That’s all in this blog on best official and aftermarket Jawa Perak Accessories for now. I will keep adding more products to the list in future. Since it’s a new motorcycle, it is hard to find many products right now but given it’s one of the top-selling motorcycles of the company, expect a lot to happen in the space. 

Happy riding!

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  1. Kapil Mirakhur

    Dear Dev,
    I own a Perak but somehow I am not very impressed with it. Anyway, I find the handle bar as well as the seat very uncomfortable. For seat I hav bought the air seat from Grandpit. However, I have been looking for a change of handle bar. I would like to have a comfortable cruiser like posture minus the feet forward. Can you suggest some good handle bars to go with Perak??

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