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7 Best Motorcycle Saddle Bags In India

Are you looking for a list of best saddle bags in India? This blog is a detailed compilation of products I personally own right now or have used in the past.

If you’re new on this blog, let me tell you that other than a full-time travel blogger (since 2016) I’m also a moto vlogger (you can check my Youtube channel). I have done solo rides across India, including adventure trails like Shinkula Pass in Zanskar and the newly built Kailash-Mansarovar Lipulekh Pass Road. I have also done an uninterrupted 2-month all-India motorcycle trip. So, when it comes to recommending the best saddle bags in India, or other motorcycle luggage for that matter, you can trust my words.


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Other than recommending products, I have also included a few important things to keep in mind while buying a pair of saddlebags — whether online or offline.

To make it easy for you to decide, I have classified all products as per the increasing price tag. So let’s start with it…

Best Saddle Bags For Bike In India

From cheapest to most expensive…

Honestly speaking, I don’t really like these bags. From quality to looks to the overall design and shape, they are just okay in every aspect. But given the price tag, they’re not a bad investment after all. If you are not sure how many times you are going touring and you need something for a one to two-time use, I suggest not investing in something that costs over 2000 Rupees and that’s where this product comes in the picture and gets a much-deserving place in this list of best saddle bags in India. Again, they may not be the best but certainly value for money.

What I love about them other than a competitive price:

  1. A decent cargo space (of 50 ltr).
  2. A water-resistant outer mesh (though I still recommend using a rain liner on top).
  3. Their colour and shade, won’t make them look dirty despite the highest degree of abuse.

Trek’n’Ride has quite a few different saddlebags under their kitty, but among all, their Sports edition is the top-selling. I have seen people (and have personally tried it on my Pulsar 200 too) using it on street bikes, retro bikes and sports bikes like Duke 390 and others. Made of 600d heavy-duty material, it’s their durability that makes them one of the best saddle bags in India. The only problem with them is that there’s not enough reflective material used on the bags, for nighttime safety, especially since these bags are meant for long touring.

Top things I love about them:

  1. Enough cargo space to carry luggage for a 1-2 week trip.
  2. The two independent rain covers (for each bag) can be put on and off easily.
  3. They come with Velcro panels to connect on top of the pillion seat and buckled straps to connect under the seat — ensuring stability

Under 5000 Rupees

Not really a saddlebag, but I would still like to add this Tailbag (in the shape of a saddlebag) because of my love for them. I have been personally using them for some time now and love their design, durability and features. The Viaterra Claw come in two sizes — the mini 34L and the big one 62L. If you carry more luggage and you ended up buying the 62L one then trust me you won’t need to carry anything else and still be able to carry enough luggage for a month-long journey.

It has been a few months since I ordered my Viaterra Claw Mini (and the Pod Mini extender 12L if I want to carry a few more items) and since I got it, I have given up on all other so-called best saddle bags in India.

What I love about the Viaterra Claw:

  1. Multiple zippered pockets inside the main compartment.
  2. 2 large side pockets to carry fuel, tools etc — come in really handy to carry dirty or wet clothes too.
  3. Straps to mount additional luggage on top of the bag (that’s how I carry my mini-pod) like a tent and a sleeping bag.
  4. An effective 3-point anchoring system that ensures proper stress distribution without the need to use bungee cords.
  5. It comes with an inner-rain liner and an outer rain cover, despite a waterproof outer mesh. Meaning, no matter how heavy the rain is, your luggage is going to stay dry.

Though a comparatively unpopular name (than Rynox and others in the Indian Riding Gear market) Gods has a really nice range of motorcycle luggage including their tank bags. Speaking of their Triton X2 50Ltr, it’s a great product if you want something that can be used and abused and can carry a lot of stuff. Its design — which looks different from most square-shaped bags — is moreover something worth considering. I have quite a few people around me using these saddle bags in India and they all seem pretty happy.

What I love about them:

  1. A 50 ltr cargo space.
  2. Triple locking system ensuring stability even while offroading.
  3. They come with a removable dry-pack (that can be used to carry dirty/wet clothes). The dry-pack can moreover be accessed without demounting the saddle.
  4. The connecting system comes with a padded top for the comfort of the pillion — most of the top-selling best saddle bags in India don’t have it.

Made of heavy denier ballistic fabric 900×900, these two-tone saddlebags from Dirtsack look great on cruisers, tourers, and classic, and vintage Retro Motorcycles. They come in two shades — black and grey combination and black and yellow combination — and the one in black and yellow looks great, particularly on street and touring bikes like the Tiger Triumph. Each bag has a capacity of 25 L. Like most of the other Dirtsack products, they are not-so-popular in India but certainly worthy of a mention in this list of best saddle bags in India.

Top things I love about them:

  1. A very modern & trendy look.
  2. Adjustable saddle width & height.
  3. Enough M Scotchlite reflective on all sides.
  4. Water-resistant outer mesh that comes with external rain-liners.
  5. 6 exterior zippered pockets to carry tools and other things. All YKK Zippers.

Before I talk about why I have added this product to this list of best saddle bags in India, let me tell you that I am not a big fan of Amazon Basics products. I have tried a few camping gear by Amazon Basics and their usability is always below the margin. No wonder, they’re superior quality, but the design part, honestly speaking, sucks! But their saddle bags is an exception. Made of heavy-duty fabric with water-resistant backing for maximum weather and abrasion protection, these bags are meant for serious touring. Even more, the bags come with heat shield panels on the bottom to protect them from hot exhaust. I have seen someone using them on his Triumph Bonville and they look great.

What else I love about them:

  1. Overall build quality.
  2. They come with 1-year manufacturing warranty.

Under 10,000 Rupees

Last but not least in this list of best saddle bags in India is the uber-cool Dirtsack Frogman. Unlike other similar products that are mostly single-unit bags, Durtsack Frogman is a two-unit bag — a base and the inner 100% waterproof heavy-duty 900 denier Polyester material — and this gives it a remarkable look. Also, just like other Dirtsack products, it is a very durable and long-lasting product — almost akin to a lifetime investment.

What I love about this product other than a vibrant design:

  1. As claimed, a 100% Waterproof/Immersion-proof/Dunk-proof/Submersible product.
  2. Adjustable link bridge on the harness to ensure a guaranteed mount on all bikes.
  3. Zippered exterior pockets to carry a tool-kit, water bottle or dirty/wet clothes.
  4. YKK Zippers and reflective tapes to ensure visibility while night riding.

Disclaimer: This article includes Amazon affiliate links. Meaning, I may earn a commission when you will buy a product using one of the links above. This is how I make money and survive as a full-time travel bloggerBut be assured that the original price of all the products will remain the same for you. 

Also, all recommendations are solely personal. I wasn’t paid to promote any of the products mentioned above.

Saddle Bags I Currently Use

Currently, I am using Longride (click here to visit their website). | MY OTHER FAVORITE PAIR IS VIATTERA CLAW MINI (FEATURED ABOVE) | They have 100% authentic Belgian-leather-made products that go really well with classic/retro-looking motorcycles, and that’s why I ordered them for my Jawa 42. Made in France, Longride Saddlebags come with a 2-year warranty (on any manufacturing defect).

To some people, their price ($550, about 40,000 Rupees for a pair of saddlebags) can feel a bit too much since most of the best saddle bags for bike in India cost less than 5 thousand Rupees. But if you want something that is made of 100% leather (and thus get better as they age) and can be used as a standalone bag and not just the motorcycle luggage, I will certainly suggest you go for a Longride.

You get free shipping if you order a pair, or anything more than the cost of a single saddlebag.

Here’s another photo of me using them on my comet Red Jawa 42 Motorcycle. See how elegant they look… and as I said, because they’re 100% authentic leather, they’re going to stay with me forever!


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Things To Keep In Mind While Buying Saddle Bags In India

Having the right luggage system is the most important stage of touring. Buy the wrong luggage system and you will make your journey tougher in ways you can’t even imagine.

When it comes to buying saddle bags online, make sure you check the size of it. Too big and you’ll have them hanging too low — not only looking bad but also making it tough for you to ride. Too small and you’ll never be able to fit all you want to carry with you on a trip! Pick the wrong material and your stuff will be soaked in the rain.

There’s a science to choosing the best riding gear. When I first started touring, I spent weeks picking out my first pair of riding gear. I tried on dozens of products, did hours of online research, and in the end bought stuff that would not only look great on my motorbike but also serve my needs. It was a time-consuming process. But that research paid off.

So in order to save you hours upon hours of research, and learn from someone who already knows what works and what doesn’t, I have provided you with some of the tried, tested, and best saddle bags for bike in India.

And speaking of a few important things to keep in mind while buying one, here are those…

  1. It is important that you buy the right size. Too big and you will have a problem in riding — whether on a highway or in traffic. Too small, and you will have to buy another one.
  2. Weight. All the products I have mentioned above are not too heavy. You don’t want to carry a luggage system that weighs as much as a grown man.
  3. They are made of water-repellent material and come with an outer rain liner.
  4. If you are going to be riding in wet conditions a lot, make sure you have — other than a water-repellant material and an outer rain liner — an inner rain lining too. A 2 layer-system is always better.
  5. It is good to have some kind of reflective lining/piping for safe night riding experience at the rear end of the bags. Most of the best saddle bags in India would come with a reflecting lining.
  6. Invest in something that comes with YKK zippers. If not, ask for the manufacturing warranty.
  7. Make sure it has at least one year of manufacturing warranty (longer the manufacturing warranty is, the more confident the manufacturer is about their product).
  8. Check the reviews provided by other customers.

best bike saddle bags

That’s all in this blog on best saddle bags for bike in India. If you have more suggestions to add please leave a comment below. You can also contact me on Instagram if you have any questions.

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