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Jawa 42 Delivery Time, Waiting Period & Other Ownership Details

Wondering what’s the Jawa 42 delivery time? What accessories your Jawa motorcycle comes with? Read my ownership experience!

After more than five months of Jawa 42 waiting time, my bike was finally on 7th April 2019.

As soon as I got it, I realized one thing “The wait was worth it”. The looks, the technical specifications, the mileage, everything about Jawa 42 is just perfect. And the emotion behind riding a legendary motorbike, coupled with the fact that I was among the first few customers in India makes it even better.

Call me a fool prejudiced Jawa owner, and I will take no shame!

But let’s be honest, when I booked my Jawa on the first day of its launch, on November 15, I had no idea about the Jawa 42 delivery time.

To make the decision tougher, there was not a single company dealership in the entire country. All I had was a website, an official video and a few pictures to decide.

But then, I knew that Jawa is at least working with a name that we, at least in India, cannot disregard. Yes, I am talking about Mahindra.

That was how I booked and got my motorcycle. If you’ve booked a Jawa for you too, and wondering how long is the Jawa 42 delivery time, what accessories Jawa motorcycles come with, read below…

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jawa 42 delivery time

jawa 42 waiting period

Note: I have updated the article in January 2021, to give you the latest information below!

Jawa 42 Delivery Time

If you are wondering how long it took Jawa to deliver my motorcycle, which also happened to be the first Jawa 42 in Haryana, the answer will be…


I remember that the company originally promised that they would start delivering the bikes in March (again, I booked on November 15 of the year 2019 — the day online booking started) and that their dealerships would open by December 15. But both things got delayed – thanks to a longer waiting time for Jawa 42.

Dealerships in Delhi NCR were still opening in February, and the delivery of motorbikes never started in March, at least not in Delhi NCR. In short, everything worked with an Indian sense of time and commitment. No one had any clue about Jawa 42 delivery time.

I finally got my bike on 7th April of 2019  — almost 5 months after the original booking date.

But regular touch with the company’s marketing team was an assurance.

Update (January 2021): As of January 2021, most of the cities across India now have about 1 month of Jawa 42 waiting time.

jawa 42 delivery

Jawa 42 Waiting Time: FIFO Approach

As a journalist (of a different kind) I cannot help my habit of gaining insider news. Though this isn’t something unique or undercover, useful for those who are still waiting for their Jawa motorcycle’s delivery. So let’s get into technicalities…

Speaking of the Jawa 42 waiting time, the company is following the First-In-First-Out method of inventory (also known as the FIFO system). According to this, every delivery will be decided as per its booking date. Those who booked early are going to get it first than those who booked later, following a fair sequence order.

Having said that, one thing is sure, the waiting time for Jawa 42 is going to be fair for everyone. Those who have booked their Jawa online are going to get it first before those who booked through a dealership.

Now that we have discussed the Jawa 42 delivery time and know the waiting period, let’s discuss a few other things too…

Jawa 42 Owner Review

Since it’s a new company I understand that ‘cutting the red tape’ can become challenging. There are government norms especially when we have the Indian government to deal with.

So as far as my Jawa ownership experience is concerned (being the first few customers in India, and the first one from my dealership in Delhi NCR) I have no complaints.

Of course, the ever-delaying delivery time was a little agitating at times, but in the end, if I am getting a product that makes my heart smile, I am happy.

I prefer a few weeks of extra Jawa 42 waiting time (even if it’s tiring) and getting the right product then getting it early and regretting it forever.

Also, read a more detailed ownership review of the bike: Jawa 42 Owner Experience

jawa 42

Jawa 42 Company-Fitted Accessories

To be honest, if you always thought that Royal Enfield is good at selling their merchandise, be warned that Jawa is better!

Below is the picture of the Jawa 42 with ex-showroom accessories. It has an engine, a seat and a side stand, and that’s all. Well, not literally, but you get the idea!

You can also check my other blog where I have mentioned all Jawa 42 accessories in detail (both aftermarket and original).

jawa 42

When I saw my Jawa 42 the first time my biggest disappointment was that it didn’t come with the handle-bar rear-view mirrors (or bar-end mirrors) – the ones that were shown on Jawa’s website and all official promotional videos. You are getting the same old traditional rear-view mirrors mounted in the center of the handlebar. If, however, you want the fancy ones, you need to buy them. It’s an add-on accessory. As of March 2020, they cost Rupees 1598 for a pair.

If this surprises you, what can be more surprising is the fact that your new Jawa won’t even have crash guards or the centre stand. Did you say, crash-guards are a basic necessity you may need to protect your legs? Well then buy it. You aren’t getting it for free!

Other add-on accessories and merchandise that you will find in your Jawa store include T-shirts, helmets, backrest, saddlebags and so on.

Here’s a rate list of all add-on accessories:

  • Center stand: INR 799
  • Bar-end mirrors: INR 1,598
  • Matte black crash guard: INR 1499
  • Chrome crash guard: INR 1599
  • The hammerhead backrest: INR 399+599+999 (three assemblies in total)
  • The hammerhead spoiler: INR 999
  • The classic grab-rail: INR 749

Please note that the prices mentioned above were as of March 2020. To check the updated price, visit Jawa Motorcycle’s official page.

jawa showroom jawa showroom

Is It Worth Investing in?

As I said earlier, I won’t change my bike for anything else in the world because I am impressed by it. And even if there is a long Jawa 42 waiting time period, it is worth buying.

Its looks, its specifications, everything is better than its much-hyped Indian competitor, as I’ve personally found. Its engine and technical specifications are also comparatively much impressive and reliable.

The only thing, however, that has always bothered me (other than a long Jawa 42 delivery time period) is the comfort level.

Since it is a lightweight modern classic, it lacks the heaviness and comfort that classic motorcycles in India were known for. But then again, a lightweight body means it is easy to manoeuvre.

I am moreover quite impressed with my Jawa 42 mileage which stands at nearly 40 kilometres per litre.

Another thing to note here is that Jawa motorcycles give you a 6000 Km service window – a pretty decent time frame for people like me who enjoy redefining the definition of Wanderer.

Here’s a short video I made during my 20-day road trip across Uttarakhand talking about Jawa’s performance in the mountains.

Speaking of the wanderer, have I mentioned that Jawa’s WA suffix stands for the word Wanderer? Well, that’s another reason to buy a Jawa. If only, of course, you fit in the description!

For more about Jawa ownership and performance reviews, find me on Youtube (as ‘Footloose Dev’) for almost daily videos. Here’s the link to my Channel

If you are still confused about your Jawa 42 waiting time or delivery period, write me a comment below.

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  1. Hi Dev,
    Thank you for sharing your experience with JAWA. It’s worth for waiting. A JAWA Classic Black booked six month before and I am going to get it in few days. I need quality backrest & carrier.. Shall we have that in local market..?

  2. Radha Syama

    Hi Dev,
    I am Radha Syama from Odisha, Bhubaneswar. I am your followers.
    I had been booked my jawa bike April 2019 but still now I did not receive.
    Thing is that dealer already taken my 1. 85 lakh but he is not able to delivery.
    I don’t want anymore this bike since dealer doing chiting here. If any body ready to pay extra money they are providing the bike without wait which is pain to others.
    I am requesting you please help me on this problem. please send me the mail I’d of any of the head of jawa.

    I already sent mail jawa customer care but till now no solution on this. I think my mail are not reaching to higher authority.

    Radha Syama Bhuyan

  3. Ravi Kumar L

    My Name Ravi form Bangalore, Booked Jawa 42 on 17th Nov’18 and got my Nebula Blue Jawa 42 on 10th Jul’19,

    Met very happy on performance of the Bykle and me getting 32 KMPL now after service its just tested getting now 38 KMPL

    I want to fix an RPM or Tachometer to my Jawa 42, how I can and update me on this,,which is the best one please make an video and share to all

    Single Panel not looks OK on front hence just like old Yezdi Road Kind me want to have RPM meter on left side and as usual right side company built Odd meter

  4. Hi,

    I am one the Jawa lover form my school days, its an iconic machine and that 2 stroke engine sound is super, However on my college days also my father could not get me that byke which was just 18k to Yezdi and Road King was just 29k,
    After my successful carrier I bough on my own a second hand mint condition Yezdi Road KIng 1996 model with a single owner, When I am on the road and every signal every one stare at me and some jawas/Yezdi lovers ask me are you selling. I just smile at them

    Now coming to Jawa, I have booked Jawa 42 Nebula Blue on 17th Nov’19 and still now no information on my delivery of byke
    I want to add as an addition a RPM meter which should exactly near match the company fitter Speedometer, Can I able to fix it and how can I make it as a working one

    Please advice

  5. Thanks for all the information you’ve put. Do you have any idea about Leg/Crash guard – that is fitted ahead of the engine. It protects your leg if you fall down. I’ve booked online and while i wait – I won’t buy it really without a leg guard. Its too risky.

    A heavy motorcycle like this will break your leg & worse if the engine is hot – you get burnt too.

  6. Bike looks stunning.. cheers!!!!!! Just wanted to know if you can get any details about the crash guard (leg guard). I am asking this because the radiator might get in the way and I am still wondering how can they fix a crash guard to this.

  7. Manjunath

    I am booking java42 in month of nov 21 ,but no proper response from java customer care…. telling waiting waiting.plz help me when I get my bike check and tel me.

    • Hi, I can suggest commenting about your problem on their instagram channel. Don’t message as I’ve not seen them seeing messages, but they’ve been replying to delivery queries if you just comment on one of the posts. It is ‘JawaMotorcycles’

  8. Anonymous

    Congrats Dev tats great and good comments,can u suggest me how much mileage ur getting in city?

  9. Ravi Shekhar

    Congratulations dev. I also booked Jawa 42 with dual disc dual ABS variant on 25th Dec’18. I am desperate to own my bike and waiting for delivery. Expected to come by June_ july 2019.

  10. Rajkumar Patil

    Hey Dev, thanks for this beautiful article on your firsthand experience owning Jawa! I am also the one whose in queue, booked on 25 Nov and waiting. It’s just a joyous moment for me to know that, finally, it’s been dealeverd (to you). Actually Jawa is the reason that I come to know about you and your blog. Now following you on almost all platforms including YouTube! Waiting for your new blogs / vlogs on Jawa as well on travelling. Thanks again! Have happy and safe travelling on and off Jawa 🙂

  11. Kunal Kishor

    Thanks Footloose Dev ! First of all congratulation to join Jawa fraternity. Happy to see you such a pro biker.

    For your kind information, i would like to tell you that, Jawa Classic has been delivered to me on 31st March 2019 at Chahal Motors Gurugram.

    • So cool. Epic. We should go for a ride man. How about this weekend or something?
      And yea that’s what I said in the article, you’re the first Jawa Classic owner. I am the first Jawa 42 owner in Haryana. And of course, among the first few ones having this thing in India.

  12. Thanks Footloose Dev ! The article was very helpful.. U cleared all my doubts in the article..
    Congratulations for the bike and all the very best for ur vlogging career
    Do subscribe to my channel as well…
    “Dream chaser”

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