Why to Include a Catalonian Holiday Within Your Bucket List

Are you trying to formulate a plan for an upcoming holiday abroad? If so, the world is indeed your oyster.

Catalonia is a great place to travel and that’s what we are going to discuss in this blog. It continues to attract millions of tourists each and every year.

Why are so many travellers allured by this destination? What are some of its primary attractions and is there anything to take into account before the trip itself?

Let us take a brief look at this entrancing location.

All About the Climate

Many individuals will associate the Catalan region with its amazing beaches. Although this is certainly true, we need to remember that there is much more than meets the eye.

The inland regions are known for their rolling green hills and quaint villages. Those who head north can instead enjoy the famous Pyrenees mountain range, an idyllic spot in terms of sheer beauty.

Metropolitan Delights

Catalonia is also home to some of the most famous cities on the planet. Barcelona certainly tops the list in terms of population and metropolitan sights.

From the pedestrian-laden paths along Las Ramblas to the upscale commercial district of Gracia, Barcelona certainly aims to please. However, other cities should likewise be mentioned here. These include:

  • Girona
  • Tarragona
  • Lleida
  • Manresa
  • Vic

Be sure to take a further look at what each of these destinations has to offer in order to plan your trip accordingly.

Rural Beauty

Catalonia has always been famed for its rugged sense of Mediterranean beauty.

The interior regions are of particular interest, especially if you have been looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the more tourist-laden cities.

Montserrat, the shores of the Llobregat river and the Hebron Valley will all provide you with a picturesque means to truly absorb Catalan culture.

When to Arrive

The good news is that Catalonia tends to be amenable throughout the year in terms of its climate; particularly the coastal regions. However, keep in mind that inland locations (when approaching the Pyrenees) can become quite cold in the winter. This is one of the reasons why they are famous skiing destinations.

If you enjoy a bit of fun in the sun, it is normally best to arrive in the late spring or early autumn. The temperatures are still glorious and there tend to be fewer tourists when compared to the height of the season.

Whether you are coming here for the food, the weather or the natural landscapes, Catalonia is certainly a worthwhile destination to consider. Of course, make it a point to plan ahead so that you can save money on travel arrangements and make the most out of your stay.

An Ideal Destination for Foodies

While there is no doubt that the sights and sounds of Catalonia are truly amazing to behold, we would be remiss if the food was not mentioned.

Traditional Catalan dishes are quite distinct from Spanish dishes although they still boast a decidedly Mediterranean flavour. The good news is that major cities such as Barcelona and Girona will provide you with a medley of options to choose from. Here are some examples of local delicacies to keep in mind during your journey:

  • Patatas bravas (cubed potatoes smothered in a creamy tomato sauce)
  • Pan con Tomate (bread infused with fresh tomato juice; often served as a side dish).
  • Tortilla Francesa (a sandwich of eggs, spices and tomato puree).
  • Canelons (long-stemmed onions that are roasted over an open fire).
  • Fuet (a thin sausage of dried pork and spices).
  • Cargols a la llauna (roasted snails basted in a variety of sauces).

Of course, it is wise to think slightly outside of the box if you are keen to enjoy the culinary delights that the smaller towns and villages have to offer. The Catalans are very proud of their food and it is not uncommon for each town to offer their own special concoction.

A final interesting fact involves how the foods tend to change as you travel north. For instance, you can expect to experience a decidedly French influence when journeying through the Pyrenees region.

The main takeaway point is that Catalan food is tasty and quite healthy due to the fact that many dishes are cooked in locally harvested olive oil. Whether you are a self-proclaimed foodie or you are simply looking to try something new, always make it a point to experience the unique tastes of Catalonia.

That’s all in this blog on top reasons you should include Catalonia in your bucket list. If you have more to add, please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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