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11 Best Motorcycle Riding Gloves In India

Want to buy motorcycle riding gloves in India that are not just a good for money buy offer maximum protection too? In this blog, I have compiled a list of products I personally own or have used/seen/experienced at one of the occasions.


If you’re new on my website, let me tell you that I am a part-time moto-vlogger too (here’s the link to my Youtube channel). I’ve been riding across India and have done places like Shinkula Pass, and the entire Spiti Valley circuit, solo. So you can certainly trust this article and the suggestions about the best riding gloves in India.


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I have classified all products as per their increasing price tag so that you can decide what you want to buy as per your budget.

Starting from the cheapest to the most expensive, this is my recommended list of…

Best Motorcycle Riding Gloves To Buy Online In India

Probiker Full-Fingers

Let me tell you these are certainly not the safest riding gloves available in the market but for this price tag they are not a bad buy at all. For those who cannot buy expensive riding gear, this pair of gloves is a great buy. They will keep your knuckles and fingers safe and make you look like a prepared rider. If you are buying them, just make sure you go for at least size L, even if you think you need an M. Why so? Because they don’t have much cushioning inside and can thus scratch your knuckles from inside if they’re not a little loose.

What I love about them:

  • The price.

Royal Enfield Rover 

These motorcycle riding gloves for 1000 Rupees is, again, a bargain. I won’t put them under the category of best riding gear but for such a price, they’re a great buy. Just like the product mentioned above, they can feel a little uncomfortable if worn for a long ride. Again, I suggest you go for L size so that they’re a little loose on you.

What I love about them:

  • The durable mesh quality.
  • Elasticated material on fingers.
  • A 360-degree Velcro ensuring a snug fit.
  • The breathable material, for a comfortable ride in summer.

Royal Enfield Rover V2

Rugged and stylish, these Royal Enfield riding gloves are great for city rides. They don’t offer good comfort for long touring, but they’re comfortable enough for short city rides, plus they look fashionable and trendy. Another reason why I think they aren’t meant for touring is that they don’t offer much protection on the knuckles and fingers but just palms — enough for in-city or weekend fun rides.

What I love about them: 

  • A subtle Royal Enfield branding.
  • Precurved fingers for extra comfort.
  • Reinforced palms for a stronger grip.

Royal Enfield Retro Love

If you are looking for a pair of riding gloves for retro or classic motorcycles, like Royal Enfield and Jawa Motorcycles, look no further. Meant for the short in-city and weekend rides, this product offers a great design quotient, in addition to a little more comfort and protection than the products mentioned above.

Also, unlike as most similar products claim, these ones are truly mobile phone touch-screen compatible riding gloves. I have personally tried using my phone with these gloves on and I could easily navigate the touch-screen.

What I love about them other than the design and branding:

  • Comfort.
  • The leather quality.

Rynox Air GT

If you want something you can use for touring and still not pay a hefty price this product is your best bet. What I would call as one of the cheapest motorcycle touring gloves, they offer decent protection and good enough comfort for long riding hours. I have personally tried them for about 5 hours of touring and the foam backing inside gloves, particularly on the knuckles, provided decent comfort.

What else I love about them:

  • Impact protection on knuckles, scaphoid bone, fingertips, finger joints and palms.
  • Recurved fingers and stretch panels on finger joints for comfortable hand movements.
  • Heavy-duty material on the outside with leather panels at abrasion zones, ensuring durability.

MOTOTECH Urbane Short

With pretty similar functionalities as the above-mentioned riding gloves from Rynox, these gloves ensure a safe and smooth touring experience. The only thing —  other than a few differences mentioned below —  that differs them from Rynox Air GT is the brand name.

Top features:

  • Durability.
  • Knuckle protectors made of carbon fibre.
  • Decent Impact protection on knuckles, scaphoid bone, fingertips and finger joints.

XTS Gear Octane

This is one of the best riding gloves in India for touring and long motorcycle trips. Thanks to their top-shelf protection and quality, they are meant for those who travel extensively.

Top things I love about them:

  • Wrist and scaphoid bone protection.
  • Protection on the knuckles and fingers.
  • Pre-curved fingers for long-hour riding comfort.

Rynox Tornado Pro 3

Made of heavy-duty full-grain leather, the Tornado Pro 3 is fully CE certified. In other words, where most motorcycle riding gloves provide a CE certified protection on the protector areas only, these gloves are fully CE certified. Those who don’t know, CE certification includes 15 different tests and the gloves are verified to have.

What else I love about them, other than the safety:

  • Cuff length.
  • Pre-curved fingers.
  • 3D mesh panels on fingers and wrist for ventilation.
  • Touchscreen friendly (that actually works too) index fingers.

Alpinestars Spartan

Just like I have mentioned in this blog on top riding jackets in India, I am not a big fan of Alpinestars riding gloves either. And that is for the same reason — their products are expensive and you can buy something cheaper offering similar protection from one of the local riding gear manufacturers in India, like Rynox or RaidaGears, among others. But for the sake of adding Alpinestars riding gloves for Alpinestars fans, I have added two of their products I like the most.

What I love about Alpinestars Spartan:

  • Outer 3D mesh shell for great ventilation.
  • Integrated knuckle protection that promises safety without spoiling the design.

This product is good for local weekend rides but not for touring. It doesn’t offer the kind of protection similarly priced products offer, particularly if we compare it with the above mentioned Rynox Tornado Pro 3.

Solace Racepro

For adventure riders in India, this is one of the best motorcycle riding gloves. Made of full-grain, Hi-Fit, soft aniline leather, they offer full-protection you may need while touring.

What I love about them:

  • Carbon & Titanium hard-shell knuckle for safety.
  • Pre-curved wrist, fingers and palm for better comfort while riding.
  • The use of Keprotec on the palm, ensuring a safe palm-scrape during an accident.

Alpinestars 2117 SP-Air

These Alpinestars riding gloves are actually a very good product, offering an impeccable design, protection, and other features. The only downside to them, however, is the price.

Made of durable full-grain leather with 3d mesh inserts for optimized airflow and comfort, they cover every aspect of safety and features a good riding glove should have.

Here are some of the top features I love about them:

  • Pre-curved fingers.
  • Long gauntlet cuff construction for extended protection.
  • World-class protection on the knuckles, fingers and palm.
  • TPR air intakes on fingers and knuckle protection to prevent sweating.
  • Stretch insert between palm and thumb for better hand movement and comfort.

Please note that this blog includes affiliate links. So every time you buy something from Amazon, I will earn a commission. This is how I make money and survive as a travel blogger.

But be assured that the original price of the products will remain the same for you!

Also, I wasn’t paid to promote and make you buy any of the products mentioned above. I only recommend what I personally try and find worth appreciating!

How To Choose The Best Riding Gloves

While buying riding gear you need to make sure that it solves your purpose. Never run after the looks of the product but its practical use. If you ride in hot conditions, make sure your gear has good insulation. Similarly, for wet weather, ensure that it is water-resistant.

There’s actually a science to knowing what the best riding gear for you – and how to pick it! When I started motorcycle touring, I spent weeks shopping my riding gear online. But that research paid off.

So in order to save you hours upon hours of research, I have provided you with some of the tried, tested, and best-rated motorcycle riding gloves in India, in this article.

And speaking of a few important things to keep in mind while buying one, here are those…

  1. The size. Always make sure you check the size of the gloves by forming a fist. After a few hours of riding, most riding gloves start hitting you hard on the knuckles. Buy something that feels comfortable on the knuckles.
  2. A breathable outer mesh, so that you don’t need to stop every 10 minutes and wipe the sweat off your palms.
  3. Make sure it has enough safety (at least level 1) on the knuckles and fingers area.
  4. If you are into long touring, you may want to invest in something that has pre-curved fingers.
  5. If your gloves have plastic protection on the palms, make sure they don’t hit you hard inside while riding. If they do, try a different size.
  6. Invest in something that comes with velcro so that they are easy to put on and remove.
  7. Though most advertisers claim that their riding gloves are smartphone touchscreen-friendly, in most cases, their ability to do so is pretty bad. Make sure you check the gloves thoroughly if you are going to use too much of your smartphone while riding.

That’s all in this blog. If you have more suggestions to add and help the community, please leave a comment below. If you want to message me directly, you can connect with me on Instagram.

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