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8 Best Motorcycle Riding Pants In India

Want to buy the best motorcycle riding pants available in India? In this blog, I have compiled a list of products I personally own or have tried at one of my rides.

If you’re new on this blog, let me tell you that I’ve been riding across India for a few years now. I also work as a moto vlogger (here’s the link to my Youtube channel). I have done rides like the Shinkula Pass, and the entire Spiti Valley circuit, alone. So you can certainly trust my words and this list of best riding pants in India online.


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To make it easy for you to decide, I have classified the products as per their increasing price tag.

So starting from the cheapest to the most expensive, this is my recommended list of…

Best Motorcycle Touring Riding Pants In India

Rynox Airtex

With level 1 safety on Knee and Shin area and a foam protector on the hip, Rynox’ Airtex remains not just one of the top-selling but also one of the cheapest riding pants available online. I have been using their Stealth Evo (that is featured later in this blog) for it provides comparatively more features and better safety, but for a price tag that costs almost 2000 Rs less than the Stealth Evo, the Airtex is a certainly a great choice.

What I love about it:

  • The price and a reliable brand.
  • Adjustable knee and shin protectors.
  • 2-way waist adjusters to ensure a perfect fit.
  • External rain liner and a detachable inner insulation liner.
  • Retroreflective detailing on calves and lateral side for increased low light visibility.

Rynox Storm Evo

When it comes to safety and features Rynox’s Storm Evo and the comparatively cheaper Airtex riding pants are pretty much the same. Both offer a level 1 safety on knee and shin and a foam protector on hip. They moreover come with heavy-duty 600D PU coated polyester textile. But what makes the Storm Evo comparatively expensive, I think, is its design. the Storm Evo looks more attractive and trendy.

What I love about it:

  • The price.
  • An external rain liner
  • A detachable inner insulation liner.
  • Adjustable protectors on the knee and shin.
  • 2-way waist adjusters to ensure a comfortable fit.
  • Retroreflective detailing for increased low light visibility.

Kawasaki Riding Pant

Made with high-quality textile, these riding pants by Yamaha offer a great amount of style and durability. It offers the same amount of safety as some of the beginner level pants listed above in this list do, but what makes them comparatively costlier, I think, is the brand name KAWASAKI. I personally haven’t used them and cannot vouch on their comfort but I saw someone using it during our Punjab Da Tor Jawa ride and I can assure that it looks really attractive riding pants.

What I love about it:

  • Great ventilation.
  • The overall branding and design.
  • Rugged outer material ensuring durability.
  • High visibility reflective logos and piping for increased safety during night-riding.

Biking Brotherhood Riding Pants

Made of 600D heavy duty textile construction with integrated elastic inserts, these pants ensure durability, in addition to providing a great multi-season riding comfort and protection as per the Indian Industry.

What I love about it:

  • Stretch panels at waist and knees.
  • Protection on the knee, shin, hip and thigh areas.
  • A grippy on the hip area for a better grip with the seat.
  •  3m Reflective piping for high visibility while night riding.
  • Internal thermal liner, and outer standalone waterproof pants.

MOTOTECH Trailblazer

At this price tag where most similar products offer Level 1 safety at the knee and hip area, these pants come with a Level 2 safety, and that makes them stand out in this list of the best motorcycle riding pants in India.

Other things I love about it:

  • Standalone rain trousers.
  • Detachable internal thermal.
  • Elastic waist for better fitting.
  • Great ventilation, especially the two ports above the knee.
  • 4 External Pockets: 2 waist zipper pockets, 2 side thigh flap pockets (most other riding pants offer only 2 pockets).

Rynox Stealth Evo

With level 1 protection at the knee, hip and leg area, these riding pants is another recommended product by Rynox. I particularly love its low profile design.

What I love about it:

  • The overall design.
  • Adjustable knee protectors.
  • Heavy-duty 600D PU polyester.
  • Reflective detailing on thighs and calves.
  • External rain pants that can be worn as stand-alone rain pants.
  •  A total of 4 vents (2 intakes + 2 exhaust) offering great ventilation.

Alpinestars 982 Striker Air Pant

If you don’t mind investing over 10,000 Rupees for a pair of motorcycle riding pants, this is a great product.

What I love about it:

  • Adjustable waist belt for a precision fit.
  • The knee, hip and leg protectors that offer very comfortable padding.
  • A pre-curved legs construction for increased comfort in the riding position.
  • Knee stretch accordion panel to further improve fit and feel.

Alpinestars 2779 Ramjet Air Pant

This happens to be one of the most expensive riding pants in India. But with that price, comes a great design technology assuring more comfort than any other competitive product in this segment. They come with accordion textile stretch inserts on back and knees allowing riders to tour for long hours without feeling any exhaustion because of the pants. A full mesh lining, in addition to various breathable mesh, moreover promise great ventilation system.

What else I love about it:

  • The branding.
  • Reflective details for improved rider visibility.
  • Outer shell PU coating that promises maximum durability.
  • Removable and totally adjustable padding on the knee, leg and hip areas.
  • Zippered and velcro gusseted lower hem ensuring a tight closing of pant around the boot.

No Budget To Buy A Riding Pant?

I suggest you purchase a pair of external knee-protectors (or knee-guards) that you can put on top of your regular jeans or cargo. A pair of good knee-protectors keeps your knee and shin area protected the same way that the riding pants do.

While buying knee-protectors make sure you buy something that is easily adjustable. It is always a good idea to invest a little more money and buy something that is two assemblies and not just one so that they don’t restrict your knee movement. Check the below image to know the difference.

motorcycle riding pants

The one on the right is one assembly. Something like this can scratch your knees and make you feel tired on a long ride. The one on the left, however, is made of two assemblies — a knee protector and a shin protector and you can adjust them as per your sitting posture.

Here are two recommended protectors you can buy as an alternative to riding pants:


With a complete foam backing for extra comfort and breathability, these knee and arm protectors guarantee free movement. The adjustable velcro closures moreover make them easy to remove and put on.

Knee and Elbow protectors come in a pair in some cases*

Please note that this blog includes affiliate links. Meaning, I may earn a commission when you will visit Amazon and buy a product. This is one of the ways how I make money and survive as a full-time travel blogger.

But be assured that the original price of the products will remain the same for you!

Also, all recommendations are solely personal. I wasn’t paid to promote and make you buy riding pants online, mentioned above. I only recommend what I personally try and find worth appreciating!

How To Choose Motorcycle Riding Pants Online

Picking the right travel gear is important. Buy the wrong product and you will end up regretting your decision.

Similarly, while buying riding gear, you need to make sure that it solves the purpose of your motorbike trip. If you are going to be riding in hot and humid conditions, make sure your product comes with good insulation. For wet and cold weathers, ensure that it has impeccable rain and thermal liners.

There’s actually a science to knowing what the best riding gear for you – and how to pick it! When I first started touring, I spent weeks shopping riding pants online. I even returned a few of them because they weren’t meant for me. It was a time-consuming process. But that research paid off.

So in order to save you hours upon hours of research, I have provided you with some of the tried, tested, and best-rated motorcycle riding jackets in India in this article.

And speaking of a few important things to keep in mind while buying one, here are those…

  1. The size. Since most of the riding geat is quite heavy, you don’t want to invest in something that is too big and makes you feel tired. And this brings us to the second point that most riders disregard while buying riding pants online, and that is…
  2. Weight. All the products I have mentioned above are not too heavy. You don’t want to buy something that weighs over 2 kilos.
  3. A breathable outer mesh.
  4. Make sure it has enough safety on the knees and around the hips.
  5. As long as they have a rain/thermal liner and has some kind of insulation, the advertiser promotes their riding pants as an all-season product. But what kind of insulation and how effective the rain-liner is what makes them all-season. So be careful.
  6. Outer rain-liners are always more effective than inner-liners.
  7. It is good to have some kind of reflective lining/piping for safe night riding experience.
  8. Invest in something that comes with YKK zippers. If not, ask for a manufacturing warranty.

That’s all in this blog on best motorcycle riding pants online in India. If you have more suggestions to add and help the community, please leave a comment below. If you want to message me directly, you can connect with me on Instagram.

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