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This Hungary Travel Blog is a repository of all the articles I have written on the destination.

I happened to visit this beautiful country during my 2 month Europe backpacking trip. I had only a week to spend and it turned out that I happened to love Budapest so much that I ended up spending all my time there.

Where the initial plan was to spend a few nights in Budapest and a few nights in Eger and Sopron, I didn’t do anything else but just Budapest.

From amazing street food to amazing nightlife to free thermal baths – Budapest is a city for backpackers and budget travellers. I found it more budget-friendly than most of the countries in Europe. For me, travelling in Budapest was just as expensive as travelling somewhere in Southeast Asia, and I hope it’s not just Budapest but entire Hungary is economical to travel.

Having said that, I am planning to revisit and explore more of the country other than just Budapest – more Hungary travel blog as I will travel more of it. And this time, I am planning to travel during winter to explore a different side of the country and experience the Christmas celebrations.

For now, let’s read about my experiences and travel guides I have written during my only visit to Hungary. These blogs will talk about how to plan a trip to Hungary, most of which are revolving around Budapest as a destination.

From itineraries to useful travel tips, these blogs will help you make your trip bigger and better.