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This Czech Republic travel blog page is a repository of all the articles I have written about the destination.

I have been there once and made Prague as my base. I stayed in Prague for about three days and did a day trip to Saxon and Bohemian Switzerland park. And because my stay in the Czech Republic was so short that I am planning to revisit and explore more of this beautiful city.

Prague was, by far, the most romantic city I have explored in Europe. It is gorgeous, has a Vegas-style nightlife, and it speaks of, from its all nooks and corners, nothing but a hint of romance.

Other than being beautiful, vibrant and romantic, Prague is rich in history too. There is just so much to see and absorb here that if you’re staying there for only a few days, you’re going to miss a lot – just like I did, hence I am planning a revisit to explore more of it and more of the entire Czech Republic.

My first trip to the Czech Republic happened during a 2-month backpacking trip across Europe when I also explored the neighbouring countries of Vienna and Slovakia. Honestly speaking, I loved the Czech Republic for the kind of freedom you get there. Czech society is considered to be one of the most liberal and open-minded across Europe.

Speaking of the following Czech Republic travel blog, you will find articles on things to see and do around in Prague and about how to plan a day trip to the Bohemian Switzerland Park from Prague. More on the list as I will explore more of the country in my next visit.