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Travel Vlogging Tips: How To Stay Present When Filming Your Journey

Travel vlogging has become an incredibly popular way for explorers to share their incredible adventures and experiences with the world. However, amidst the excitement of visiting new shores, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily vlogging grind and forget to experience the journey. So, how can you make sure you are enjoying the moment and taking in all the amazing places you are visiting, while still creating an epic travel vlog?

In this article, I’ll cover some essential strategies to keep you grounded and enjoying the adventure. Read on to find out more.

Plan & Be Selective

You know what they say, failure to plan is planning to fail! Well, it’s true, especially when it comes to creating and filming vlogs. Planning out the content you want to capture will make all the difference before you jet off.

With everything from filming, music selection, and having to trim videos online, staying present when you’re filming your travel vlogs can prove to be quite the challenge.

Think about some headline activities and highlights you want to capture, are there any activities that are a MUST for you to share with your followers? Are there any moments you want to be able to live and enjoy yourself? Doing this means you can be sure not to film every single moment, but instead be selective with your filming.

You can then focus on the most significant aspects of your trip without feeling the pressure to constantly film or vlog.

Invest In The Right Gear

As a travel blogger, it’s essential to have the necessary filming gear, but investing in the right equipment is key. Sure, that bulky DSLR camera may offer the highest video quality specs, but do you want to be lugging it around everywhere? Probably not. This is where being selective can make all the difference. 

Rather than being bogged down by bulky or heavy equipment, consider high-quality, portable and lightweight gear that is easy to handle and will make your life easier.

This way, you’ll have the freedom to be in the moment and capture moments effortlessly which minimises set-up time. This means less time fiddling with clunky gear and more time to stay present, all whilst producing some high-quality footage that your viewers are going to love. 

Designate Vlogging Time 

Hear me out: one of the biggest mistakes that so many vloggers make is trying to capture every single moment on film. I mean, yes, that is the name of the game, but don’t forget that your travels are as much for you to enjoy in the moment as they are for your viewers to experience along with you.

So, the best thing you can do is to designate vlogging time. Much like setting time aside for sightseeing, eating and getting lost in your travels, make sure that you allocate time around these activities to stop and capture these memories for wider family, friends and fans.

It helps you to enjoy the journey and not feel overwhelmed with having to remember every minute detail, leading to a more authentic and enjoyable vlogging experience.

Engage With Your Environment

The truth is that when you’re living life through a lens, it can become pretty difficult to make a true connection with your surroundings. So if you want to ensure that you’re soaking an experience up in the best possible way, make sure to engage with your surroundings. 

This could mean taking breaks from filming and soaking in the atmosphere, interacting with local people and spending time to understand the culture of the destination. After all, this opportunity for enrichment and connection is the main reason why I quit my job to travel anyway!

By being present and paying attention, not only will your personal experience be greatly enhanced, but your vlog will be so much more authentic and engaging.

Think About Delegating

Here’s a great tip: If you’re not travelling solo, let someone else do the filming. Sure you’ll want some “selfie” style shots, but there will likely be moments where you’d prefer to give your little arms a break or fully experience what’s on offer without having to tow your camera along!

When you travel with a spouse, a family member, or a group of friends, they’re able to help film, while still allowing you to focus on particular aspects of your journey. This approach ensures a more well-rounded vlog, where everyone shares in the responsibility of documenting the adventure. It also ensures that you’ll be able to appear in your vlog! Many viewers enjoy seeing the vlogger in action, reacting to experiences, and sharing personal insights.

So, say cheese and let your companions carry a bit of that vlogging weight! 

Prioritise Your Safety

Although getting the perfect shot is important, it’s just as critical to make sure you stay safe. This means vlogging in safe cities as well as maintaining good spatial awareness when you do have the camera out and are in vlogger mode. 

We have all heard the horror stories of vloggers getting in sticky situations or injuring themselves getting something on film and you do not want to be a part of that statistic. Being present means being aware of the potential dangers, making sure you and your equipment are secured and able to relax and take in your experience. So, in other words, check yourself before you wreck yourself. Remember that a vlog is never more important than your safety.

There’s No Such Thing As Perfect

Lastly, be kind and gentle with yourself. What makes visual travel stories so compelling are the imperfections and surprises that always interrupt agendas and plans.

Turn your lens toward the unscripted and unravelling aspects of your journey because some of the most honest travel moments and authentic content come from the spontaneity of the unplanned. Embracing the imperfections means that you will be better able to see the beauty in the unexpected and take in the sights on your adventure.

When you learn to let go of the arbitrary idea of ‘perfection’, it’ll be much easier to cherish the wonders around you. 

Travel Vlogging Tips: CONCLUSION

While travel vlogging can be an arduous task as you grapple with documenting every moment while remaining present, the beauty of a well-done, authentic vlog is incomparable.

By taking on these tips, you’ll be able to give your audience a compelling story to follow, as well as allow them to experience your journey right by your side.

So, what are you waiting for? Book those tickets and let your viewers tag along! Happy vlogging!Travel Vlogging Tip

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