Category: Travel Blogging

This travel blogging category is a list of all the blogs I have written about my blogging experiences. These bogs will give you a fair idea of how to start a blog and make it grow to a point that it starts generating money.

I remember when I created this travel blog (in January 2016) and decided to live as a full-time blogger, I had no one to teach me. No one I knew had ever done it before. Though a few international travel bloggers were writing tips on professional blogging, their tips often made no sense to an Indian travel blogger.

It is to bridge that gap, I have made a repository of a few articles that can help you learn the art of travel blogging as an Indian blogger.

I quit my corporate career as a documentary film-make in England and began this travel blog in 2016. Since then I have worked with brands like Germany tourism, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific Airlines, Incredible India, and more. My blog has also been featured by many national and international media including the daily national newspapers in India like The Times of India and The Economic Times, among others.

From how to create a media kit, to how to contact tourism boards, I have shared all secrets on here.

And why am I doing it?

Let’s just say I read somewhere “Knowledge can never decrease by sharing with others” and so doesn’t business opportunities – at least not in the travel blogging industry in India.