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How To Create A Media Kit For Your Travel Blog

When I started blogging in 2016, I had no idea what a travel blogger media kit is, or how to create one. Back then, I didn’t know how crucial it was for me to have a media kit if I want to travel the world as an influencer. If you’re the same and wondering how to create an effective travel blogging Media Kit and want a sample format for one, read this article.

From my 5+ years of full-time travel blogging, I am going to share some useful tips below.

travel blogger media kit

For Influencers & Travel Bloggers, Media Kit Is The Most Important Document

I remember during the initial few months of travel blogging, I contacted thousands of travel companies and tourism boards. I wrote at least a few thousand emails and none of them replied. Why? Because I contacted them without a bloggers media kit.

Though back in the day, I thought no one is replying to me because I was new at travel blogging and that my readership wasn’t impressive enough, now that I  look back at it, I know it was because my email spoke of an inexperienced blogger-self — a 500-word long email with no media kit attached was, in fact, the reason. I mean consider sending a 500-word email to an employer with no attached resume and guess what would be the outcome. It was the same for me!

So, having a media kit for travel bloggers is important, particularly if they are looking at travel blogging as a long-term plan and want to contact tourism boards for travel sponsorships.

Media Kit For Travel Blog

If you aren’t sure what a media kit for travel bloggers and influencers is, it is a brief document speaking about you and your travel blog’s market value. Imagine it as your portfolio or a resume you take to an employer while applying for a corporate job.

A Media Kit talks about your skills, interests, your travel blog’s statistics, your social media followers and the value you can add to a sponsor if a brand decided to work with you.

Start with all topics you write about, and your travel blog’s focus area — is it backpacking or luxury travel or something else? Following this, mention your total readership and your social media worth. If you write for any other publications, mention that as well. Next up, mention your previous collaborations, and any testimonials, and statistics representing your previous collaborations’ success. Also, include a few pictures (if you’re into photography) or other examples of your work.

All in all, a media kit is a 1-2 page of text and images and links that (honestly) brag about your blogging career.

Media Kit Format

  • Your name | Your bio
  • A photo of you 
  • Your blog name | About your blog
  • Your blog’s statistics – Page views, monthly unique traffic, social media followers, and your blog’s demographics.
  • About any other major publications, you regularly write for.
  • Details about any media coverage or awards you’ve won in the past.
  • Services you offer: writing travelogues, doing product reviews, making travel videos, doing professional travel photo-shoots, organizing travel events/meetups,  or something else.
  • Your previous sponsors/clients – add details of your previous campaigns and the kind of engagement you provided to them. Link back to any pages having more information. Include as many numbers and figures as you can.
  • Testimonials from previous clients/sponsors.

Click here to download My Media Kit As A Sample

Other Useful Tips

  • Try avoiding having more than 2 pages of your travel blog media kit — no one’s going to read it.
  • Try having a pdf format (if you have more than one page). For one page, however, either a pdf or a jpeg works. Avoid a word doc, as they don’t look impressive.
  • I use photoshop for creating my media kit as it allows easy designing options.
  • Always save your media kit in the original form so you can go back and easily change and update your numbers, stats, etc. For example, I edit my media kit in Photoshop, so I save everything in a PSD format so that I can go back and make changes as needed.

Remember, a Media Kit for travel bloggers and influencers is a very important document. The busy director of some big travel company is only going to be interested in your email if you kept it short and attached a document (a Media Kit in this case) that quickly takes them through your successful blogging past and gives them an impressive reason to take you on board.

For everyone, it’s a resume. For travel influencers and bloggers, its the Media Kit

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I am Dev, and I've been travelling full-time since 2016. I was a journalism student & started my corporate career as a documentary film-maker in England, before moving to India & becoming a full-time nomad. 25+countries. 50+ Brand Partnerships. And the adventure continues...

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    • Sure Soujanya, thanks. I didn’t see how it may harm me if I attached a sample. My details are still going to be mine. Good luck with finding sponsors.

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