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How To Create A Media Kit For Your Travel Blog

When I started blogging in 2016, I had no idea what a media kit is, and how crucial can be if I want to travel the world as a travel influencer.

I remember for the initial few months of blogging, I contacted about a hundred travel companies and wrote them emails without a media kit attached to it, and it either gave me no positive response or no response at all. Though back in days, I thought it was because of the fact that I was new at blogging and my readership wasn’t impressive enough, now that I  look back at it, I know that I didn’t get any (positive) response from them because my email spoke of my inexperienced blogger-self. A 500-word long email with no media kit attached was, in fact, the reason — consider sending a 500-word email to an employer with no attached resume.

So, having a media kit is important, particularly if you’re looking at blogging as a long-term plan and want to gain travel sponsorships and even make money from blogging.

How To Create A Media Kit For Your Blog

If you aren’t sure what a media kit is, imagine it as your portfolio or a resume you take to an employer while applying for a corporate job — a brief document speaking about you and your blog’s market-value.

A Media Kit talks about your skills, interests, your blog’s statistics and the value you can add to a sponsor if a brand decided to work with you.

Start with what all topics you write about, and the focus area of your blog — is it backpacking or luxury travel or something else. Following this, is your total readership and your social media reach. If you write for any other publications, mention that as well. Next up, is your previous collaborations, and any testimonials, statistics representing your previous collaborations’ success. Also, include a few pictures (if you’re into photography) or other examples of your work.

All in all, a media kit is a 1-2 page of text and images and links that (honestly) brags about your blogging career.

Media Kit Format

  • Your name | Your bio
  • A photo of you 
  • Your blog name | About your blog
  • Your blog’s statistics – Page views, monthly unique traffic, social media followers, and your blog’s demographics.
  • About any other major publications, you regularly write for.
  • Details about any media coverage or awards you’ve won in past.
  • Services you offer: writing travelogues, doing product reviews, making travel videos, doing professional travel photo-shoots, organizing travel events/meetups,  or something else.
  • Your previous sponsors/clients – add details of your previous campaigns and the kind of engagement you provided to them. Link back to any pages having more information. Include as many numbers and figures as you can.
  • Testimonials from previous client/sponsors.

Click here to download My Media Kit As A Sample

Other Things To Keep In Mind

  • Try avoiding having more than 2 pages of your media kit — no one’s going to read it.
  • Try having a pdf format (if you have more than one page). For one page, however, either a pdf or a jpeg works. Avoid a word doc, as they don’t look impressive.
  • I use photoshop for creating my media kit as it allows easy designing options.
  • Always save your media kit in the original form so you can go back and easily change and update your numbers, stats etc. For example, I edit my media kit in Photoshop, so I save everything in a psd format so that I can go back and make changes as needed.

Remember, a Media Kit is a very important piece of your professional blogger self. The busy director of some big travel company is only going to consider your application if you kept your email short and attached a document (a Media Kit in this case) that quickly take them through your successful blogging past and give them an impressive reason to take you on-board.

Your Media Kit is your resume. Please don’t give it a miss!

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After my couple of years of corporate career, I left that lifestyle behind, and with it, everything that didn't fit in a backpack. I've learned that this world is too big (and too interesting!) to spend your life working at one place, and that's what inspires me to remain footloose and fancy-free for the rest of my life!


  1. Neha Patel says

    Helpful Post but want to know if you are small blogger or vlogger and only have few views then in that what to write. Does travel company or tourism board shows interest to sponsor.

  2. Hey Dev, I just stumbled upon this article of yours. I have to say, I’ve tried to read a lot of article on this topic. While a lot of bloggers talk about what should/ shouldn’t be there on a media kit, nobody actually attaches a sample (not a free one for sure). I appreciate your openness in this regard 🙂

    • Sure Soujanya, thanks. I didn’t see how it may harm me if I attached a sample. My details are still going to be mine. Good luck with finding sponsors.

  3. Donald says

    very useful information for those who are starting blogging and do not have much idea about it. Having a media kit is really important.

  4. Hello Dev

    I have been looking for this for ages. Thank you for putting up a crisp format on a media kit. I came here searching for information on how to work with Tourism boards and it was also a really informative read.

    Can you take some time to speak one on one if possible. You can reply on my email and we can take it further.

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Best Regards

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