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This Slovenia Travel blog is a repository of all the blogs I have written on the destination. I have travelled there only once – that happened during my 2 months of a backpacking trip across Europe – and from whatever little I experienced, I loved it.

I loved Slovenia more than most of its neighbours. But that’s now how it always was. I remember while planning the itinerary I was very reluctant to go there as I expected it to be no different than countries in central Europe… with cheap accommodation, less expensive food, and a bit wild and notorious in nature. And since I was already covering the Czech Republic and Hungary for such experiences, I didn’t want to go to the less popular Slovenia for something similar.

Another reason why I didn’t want to go there was because of the limited time I had in Europe, and my heart was more drawn to the neighbouring countries of Italy and Austria.

But since I was travelling by land, and the quickest route between Budapest and Venice was through Slovenia (I didn’t want to enter Croatia holding a Schengen Visa) I decided to make Ljubljana a layover town for me.

As I crossed the border and entered  Slovenia, from Hungary, I found how it is unlike any country in Central Europe and is only as organised as countries in Western Europe. From public spaces to private homes everything there feels in order and just as well-behaving.

Having said that, here are a few Slovenia Travel blog below to express my love for the country and to help you bust a few similar myths and plan your trip better. From travel itineraries to useful tips, these blogs cover all topics.