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This Cambodia travel blog page is a repository of all the articles I have written about the destination. I have been there once but as a true backpacker, travelling across the country for a few weeks – all the way from Siem Reap to the beaches in the south.

Despite having a gruesome past and contrary to how most blogs on the internet suggest, I found Cambodia a rather friendly country. People there are welcoming and helpful. There were times when I left my belonging unattended and no one stole them. Yes, it is a safe country to travel to, contrary to what you may have heard of, before.

The following Cambodia travel blog talk about my experience of travelling there, other than useful information regarding travel costs. Some of the blogs also talk about the visa process in detail and other such details.

I have seen that most people visiting Southeast Asia often skip Cambodia despite travelling to the neighbouring countries of Thailand and Vietnam. For me, however, it was just as much a highlight as Thailand or Malaysia or some other place in Asia.

I think Cambodia is a great place to travel to if you are into culture and history. The fact that it is more budget-friendly than most other neighbouring countries makes it an even better destination to travel.

Read the following article I have written for some compelling reasons to be there. From city guides to practical travel tips, these blogs cover all necessary topics to plan a visit.