5 Beautiful Places In India Everyone Must Visit

Ever thought of taking that much-deserved break and losing yourself at some of the most beautiful places in India? If yes, then this is a perfect place to start.

The places mentioned below aren’t just the honeymoon destinations, these are the best places to visit near Delhi Bangalore and other metro towns. These places will take your breath away and leave you shell-shocked with the beauty that these places in India have to offer, after all, they are 5 of the top holiday destinations in India.

So let’s start with the list and discuss it…

Must-visit beautiful places in India

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Restricting Ladakh tourism to just Pangong Lake would be an extreme injustice, but if you ask me to pinpoint the most beautiful place in the region, then Pangong would top my list.

Locally known as Pangong Tso, Pangong Lake doesn’t have heavy traffic or an inflow of tourists, so if you want to scream at the top of your voice unabashedly, come here. The sight of the lake can instantly instil a sense of peacefulness in your mind. The lake located at a height of about 4350m is around 124km long and is also home to various migrating birds. Ladakh is definitely a travellers paradise and is also heaven to a large number of people who would love to get lost for some time from the daily hustles of city life.

Most people who visit Pangong visit directly from Leh. Another popular route is Leh to Nubra Valley to Pangong.

Lakshadweep, India Imagine scuba diving on a hot summer day in endless blue waters surrounded by exotic cottages and beaches. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, Lakshadweep has it all.

Tourism packages and accommodation offered by the Lakshadweep administration are world-class and would be a good summer trip or could make for a very lovely honeymoon.

Located around 400km from Kerala, you can travel to Lakshadweep via sea as well as by flying, organised by the Lakshadweep administration.

The Lakshadweep Sports Authority hosts a lot of water activities such as scuba diving, water canoeing, paragliding, etc. Of all these scuba diving could be considered the most fulfilling owing to the rich beautiful marine life that Lakshadweep hosts.

The Blue Lagoon located in Lakshadweep is a treat to every photographer. The rich turquoise blue of the water combined with those islands would be enough to make one dumbstruck. Not many places in the world can boast of such a visually appealing landscape. I’d say this for Lakshadweep, it is one the most underrated tourist spots in India, but one visit to this very beautiful set of islands would be worth the money and could change your mind forever. Nowadays, many cities offer daily direct flights to Lakshadweep such as New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. You can even try making my trip offers running right now on daily domestic flights to Lakshadweep.

If you cannot afford Lakshadweep, Goa is your best bet in India. In goa, I recommend Agonda Beach in south Goa.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls, Goa

Dudhsagar Falls located on the Goa-Karnataka border presents a very untypical Goa. Falling from a height of around 1017ft, it gives it a frothy white color and thus the name Dudhsagar (Sea of milk).

One can get to Dudhsagar waterfalls by rail or a jeep trek. To reach the base of the waterfalls you can opt for a jeep trek from Kulem railway station. The Jeep doesn’t take you directly to the base but drops you at a point where it’s a 1km trek. Jeeps can be hired at prices starting from Rupees 1200 and can carry 6 people or more.

The Goa Tourism Department offers impressive tour packages which include food, jeep trekking, etc at nominal rates. If there ever comes a point in your life where you want to vanish from the very place you live in, then Dudhsagar is definitely your place.

Gavi, Kerala

Gavi is a small village located in the Pathanamthitta district, of Kerala. With its lush green landscape and cool climate, it would be worth visiting once or twice in your lifetime. Gavi is a part of the Periyar Tiger Reserve and is also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The one small problem associated with it, however, is that it is very environmentally fragile and thus restricts the number of vehicles entering each day. You would have to seek prior permission to enter Gavi with your vehicle, but the Kerala Forest Department hosts a variety of programs like jeep trekking and accommodation at nominal rates which could definitely cheer you up.

The corporation also allows for certain transport buses owned by KSRTC to pass through these areas. Apart from trekking, the Kerala Forest Department also hosts other activities like boating, bird watching, etc. The beauty of this place gets particularly enhanced during the monsoon season and is also an area where modern technology has had minimal damage. Many people who visit Gavi, also visit Munnar as both places are quite close.

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

Jim Corbett National park, which lies in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand is supposed to be India’s oldest national park and is famous for its huge tiger reserve. This place, a definite visual treat for tourists and wildlife lovers houses more than 488 different species of plants and a huge variety of fauna ranging from tigers, elephants, and leopards. What makes this park unique is its various geographical characteristics.

Spread in around 520 sq. km, this park boasts hills, marshy depressions and also a huge lake. The park owing to its ecological sensitivities permits tourism activities only in certain areas of the park, but these are more than enough to blow away your mind.

The rest houses located inside the park are offered at a nominal rate of Rupees 6500 and would definitely be an experience with all sorts of spooky animal noises, but don’t worry because the rest houses are secured with electrical fencing. Jim Corbett national park with its huge wildlife and hills would definitely serve as a picturesque location and would be a very good weekend getaway.

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