Top Signs of A Full-Time Backpacker

Full-time backpacking is more than just lugging a 70L rucksack on your back. It is a way of travelling, of feeling comforted even during the most uneasy conditions. And if you ever doubted that you still don’t qualify as a full-time traveller backpacker, despite quitting your job and travelling for months, now is the time to find out!

If you do most of the things mentioned below, you’re one of us!

Things A Full-Time Backpacker Does

  • You always write down your parents’ address when asked for your permanent address.
  • The occupation column on application forms leaves you confused.
  • You have friends in pretty much every corner of the world.
  • You love the idea of slow travel and getting lost in a new city.
  • You sniff-check your clothes to find out whether they’re wearable or not.
  • You can wear the same shirt for a week, and jeans for two weeks.
  • You hate places that are too hot to travel.
  • You do your laundry in the sink.
  • There’s always a pouch of detergent in your bag. And a tissue roll.
  • Despite travelling solo, you haven’t slept in a room by yourself pretty much since you last left home.
  • You secretly look down upon travellers with a big rolling suitcase.
  • You love staying in remote areas with no phone reception.
  • You never know what day of the week it is today.
  • Pretty much every time a traveller invites you for a drink or dinner together, you end up saying YES!
  • You have slept in airports and train stations to save money on accommodation, at least once.
  • You have learned to find positives in challenging situations.
  • You know how to sleep in a rickety bus or an uncomfortable train ride.
  • You can pack your bag in less than a minute.
  • Your wallet contains at least three different currencies.
  • You spend more money on experiences than things.

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I am Dev, and I've been travelling full-time since 2016. I was a journalism student & started my corporate career as a documentary film-maker in England, before moving to India & becoming a full-time nomad. 25+countries. 50+ Brand Partnerships. And the adventure continues...

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