Tag: Backpacking

Every traveller has their own preferred way of travelling. Some enjoy luxury travelling the more while others enjoy adventure and backpacking. For me, too, it is adventure and backpacking.

Under this tag, I will be talking about all my backpacking journeys.

When I quit my corporate career in 2016 to start travelling, budget backpacking was the only way for me to stay on the road for a long time – because blogging was not making me any money (back in 2016, I mean).

But over time, as I budget backpacked from one place to another – whether it was 1 month in Bhutan or 2 months across 8 countries in Europe or 6 months in the Northeast part of India – I got hooked to it.

Backpacking brought about new and interesting challenges.

Though now I have changed my course from budget backpacking to flashpacking – given I am making money from travel blogging, I am still the same. The entire idea of lugging a 70L backpack from one place to the other is what defines my travel style.

So join me on my epic journeys and read below some of the blogs I have shared in this tag. These are my backpacking adventures.