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Things Indians Travellers Must Know While Planning For A Trip to Europe

Europe stands as a dream location for many. What makes it best is its topographical and cultural diversity across the length and breadth of the continent. Europe can enrich your lives, and the experience can be fulfilling.

Planning a trip to Europe can take a while, and the preparation should be done in advance. There are a few things you should remember while planning your first trip to Europe.

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Things to know while planning your first trip to Europe

  1. Keep documents & plan bookings in prior

Depending on which part of Europe you are planning to visit, you need a pre-approved visa. Along with that, you need to get the booking done wherever you plan to stay. There are some activities that require pre-booking.

Along with visas and other documents, buying travel insurance is also very important. Buying travel insurance offline comes with a lot of hassle. To escape these hiccups you can buy travel insurance online as it makes the process smoother by covering emergencies that you might face overseas.

Including obstacles like rescheduled flights, loss of baggage, loss of passport, and medical emergencies are covered under travel insurance. Although it is not mandatory, travel insurance is highly recommended while travelling to ensure you don’t dip into your savings in case of unfortunate events.

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  1. Make an itinerary in advance

There is nothing that you would want to miss in Europe. There are so many options, and you wish you could see it all. The wise thing to do is make a plan and ensure you stick to it.

Creating an itinerary beforehand ensures you don’t spend a lot of time travelling but cover exploring a lot about Europe. Planning your itinerary helps you map a convenient course across Europe, allotting time to the number of days you can travel.

Planning also helps you to identify the places you wish to visit and plan accordingly.

  1. Research on the places to visit in Europe

If you are planning to have a budget-friendly trip. There are various options available for places to visit in Europe. In order to find them, research different destinations under cheap European countries to visit from India and you’re halfway through your planning.

Here are a few suggested destinations in Europe that are affordable & cheap for travellers.

  • Romania– If you want to travel back in time to medieval Europe, visiting Romania is the best option. The extensive landscapes, the mighty peaks, and culturally rich villages in Romania will mesmerise
  • Athens– This Greek destination is a pot of gold for the history-lovers. It is the ultimate destination if you are a fan of heritage culture. There are many sights to see, and it can prove a good trip if you book in advance and look for the more economical options to stay.
  • Latvia– Latvia is one of the unexplored regions in Europe. Along with a mix of traditions and culture, Latvia offers the old-world charm with the beauty of a green spread.
  • Budapest– The Hungarian Capital Budapest is also one of the budget-friendly destinations in Europe. If you enjoy partying and boozing, you are certainly going to love Budapest. Read Budapest Budget Travel Guide.

No matter which country you travel to, there are more economical options that can be explored when you are looking for places to stay and eat.

  1. Know how to commute within Europe

While travelling to different places in Europe, you should consider the mode that saves the most time.

Apart from going by air, you can consider taking the train or going by road. Train travel is one of the popular ways to travel in Europe because of the beautiful scenic views on the way.

  1. Plan your budget according to your expenses

There are some costs that you forget to account for. If you are going to opt for a meal plan that does not include lunch and dinner, then the cost of the meals will be extra.

If you plan on travelling from one place to another on a train or a hire a car, then it should be planned in advance.

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  1. Pack efficiently considering the weather conditions

You can enjoy your vacation when you are stress-free and comfortable. Be sure to check what kind of weather you should expect and pack accordingly. Pack a small carry-on that you can use in case of an emergency.

Depending on the weather, you can pack essential medication, appropriate clothes, a cap, or a leather jacket. These few essentials can go a long way while travelling.

  1. Keep currency Exchange and Forex cards handy

You can get currency exchanged when you land but it is much safer to get some exchanged before you take off. It can help you in a bind and a forex card is a good backup to have.

You can have changes made to your current credit card or request a forex card from your bank. This can really help you out in case you don’t have any cash left on you.

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Going to Europe can be fun and a memorable experience. With these steps to follow, your travel to Europe can be an enthralling experience.

Make sure to be acquainted with these beneficial planning tips before travelling to Europe from India. Happy Travels 🙂

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