Tag: Budget Travel

When I quit my corporate career in 2016 to start travelling, budget travelling was the only way for me to stay on the road for a long time – because my blog was not making me any money (back in 2016, I mean).

But over time, as I budget travelled from one place to another – whether it was 1 month in Bhutan or 2 months across 8 countries in Europe or 6 months in the Northeast part of India – I got hooked to it.

Budget travelling brings about new and interesting challenges. When you are short with money and plan your way from Bangkok Airport to your hostel at Khao San Road, the cheapest way possible, you learn a lot more in the process, compared to when you book a taxi and travel in comfort.

Though now I have shifted my focus from budget travelling to travelling on a moderate budget now (including luxury experiences like travelling in a 5 lakh Rupees Golden Chariot train in India) I still enjoy budget travelling from time to time. And I think I do it not only to remind myself of the olden days but because I kind of enjoy it. From travelling in rickety buses and sleeper class trains, budget travelling has its own charm.

If you are wondering why I don’t budget travel anymore, it is because my blog is making me good money now and I think I can spend a few extra Dollars and Rupees here and there to travel conveniently and save time.

Anyway, speaking of budget travel, here are some blog posts on it…