Tag: Bad Travel Experiences

If you think travelling is all sunshine and roses, let me tell you that it is not. When you are on the road, bad travel experiences are bound to happen. They may be as unharming as missing a 500 Rupees (prebooked) train to as mentally tormenting and harming as missing a 50,000 Rupees flight.

There are, moreover, times that other things happen, like getting mugged in a new country, or forgetting your phone on the bus you travelled.

So yea, bad travel experiences are bound to happen. They are unavoidable. But behind those experiences lies the learning. You can learn from your mistakes and make your future travels better, or you can repeat the same journeys again and again.

In the travel blogs shared in this tag, I will be talking about all those big and small blunders that have happened to me. Some of the blogs will show my agitation (like Things I Hate About Travelling In India) while others will talk about my experience of coming out of a bad travel experience stronger (like My Getting Mugged In Bratislava, Slovakia blog).

The blogs shared below will make you realise that no matter how amazing travelling is, bad travel experiences are a part of it.