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This India travel blog is a repository of all the articles I have written on the destination – over 150 to date.

Being an India based blogger, I travelled to more Indian destinations than the entire world put together. I quit my corporate career in England as a documentary film-maker, moved back to my country and became a blogger. Since 2016, I have only been travelling and writing about my journeys on this blog.

So far, I have been to nearly 25 Indian states and 30 countries in total. And when I say BEEN TO it means thoroughly travelled – eg one month in Gujarat, two months in Rishikesh, that sort.

Since I am Delhi based and mountains are my first love, I spend most of my time in the Himalayas. I even started a camping business in the Himachal Pradesh under the brand name ‘Footloosecamps’ (see or the Instagram Page for more).

The following India travel blog talks about all you need to know. They are destination guides, travel tips and detailed city and road-trip itineraries. Most of my trips are self-planned with a few of them being a FAM trip conducted under the respective destination’s tourism board – like Goa Tourism Board, Assam Tourism Board etc.

But however I travelled, these blogs are written keeping a normal person’s budget and time in mind. Eg, if I spent 2 weeks in Manali, I wrote a 2 or 3 days itinerary on Manali (because I understand that is what most people can afford).

Now let’s get started with all that I have written on India…