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This Germany Travel blog is a repository of all the articles I have written on the destination.

Among all the destinations I have been to in Europe, Germany remains the most travelled. I have been to over a dozen places in the country – all the way from Stuttgart in the south to towns like Ruegen in the Baltic in north.

It is in Germany that I have even volunteered and learned horse riding while enjoying the beautiful countryside. I stayed with a local family in a very small town near Koblenz for 2 weeks, enjoyed the local German way of life and learned a bit of horse riding.

I have had 4 trips in total (the longest one was for 3 weeks) out of which 3 trips were media invitations from Germany Tourism. I was invited as a travel journalist from India to explore more of the country and write a few Germany travel blog. The first trip was a group media trip where I, and a few other bloggers from across the world, were invited to explore the Baltic Region in Germany. The other two media trips were solo-trips.

Out of all the places in Europe, it is here that I even had a real road trip experience. It all happened in 2019 when I hired a car from Frankfurt airport, explored a few places in Bavaria (the Romantic Road) over a period of 7 days, returned the car at Munich airport and flew back to India.

In the following blogs, I have discussed all the beautiful journeys I have had in Germany so far. More journeys expected soon :)