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Why Am I Always On Move: Secrets Of A Fulltime Traveller

Man is an insatiable being. And I am just one of a kind.

Counting the last few hours of my stay with a beautiful family in Rome (that was my home for almost 2 weeks) as I sat down to ponder upon a question I was asked, at the dinner table half an hour ago, I wondered, once again, what they asked me “why I travel so much? What’s the fascination behind it?”

I mean why is it that when other people around me are busy sorting out their lives and raising families, I act like a clueless nomad — a person who hasn’t experienced the comfort of a permanent dwelling as he grew up and became a man?

Why am I so restless, so unsatisfied, and bitten by the idea of ceaseless traveling?

The Joy In What’s Fleeting

When I ponder upon the reasons for my unquenchable travel thirst, I realize that I am always on the move because I am looking for a world with no flaws, where harmony only reigns, a Shangri-la (if you’d like to put it that way) that perhaps does not exist at all. Yet I’m seeking it, and in the process, I am enjoying every day and getting hooked on the moments and the people I meet. And those people and moments are the sources of my constant movement.

I like the idea of waking up for a better morning, leaving places I’ve been to and people I’ve met, behind, and moving to An Unknown Next: a dream world where the people are the kindest, the weather is perfect, and every breath is as aromatic as the first rain.

And until I don’t find that (I am not sure if I ever will!) I will stay footloose because if nothing else, I find the joy in what’s fleeting as the best of all joys. Though some may find it as a symptom of irresponsibility, or of running away from the bigger picture in life, I see it as a moment of possibilities.

If I don’t like a place, or even if I do, I like the idea of leaving it behind and finding a more perfect, or an equally beautiful version of it, somewhere else!

Home Is Where You Put Your Hat

And then again, as the saying goes ‘Home Is Where You Put Your Hat’, a home is after all not a place you were born. Home is, for me, where the heart is.

Two weeks ago, my home was the beautiful neighborhood of Zurich, and it felt more familiar, at least for the moment than the confusing suburbs in Delhi that I’ve grown up watching, or the far-out corners of the Himalayas — where I often find myself while escaping the world.

I don’t believe in losing things behind, and I don’t believe in the loss. Because I think that loss is as much in the eye of the beholder, as is beauty. And as the story of what Miraculous Tooth Brings Home goes, truth sometimes exists less in what’s outside of us than what we make of it. So I count every place as my home. As long as I feel the ground under my feet, and find a few happy faces, at the dinner table, to speak with, I am happy. I go whichever way the wind takes me.

New Friends Are The Biggest Of All Assets

Alright, before I say something, I would like to confess that I am really bad at making new friends. As an introvert, of a different kind, I find it tougher than you can imagine to continue a conversation for a long time or even go beyond the usual banalities of a conversation.

But that doesn’t mean I do not admire the importance of making new friends or that I cannot make friends. Making friends and building relationships have always been my biggest source of inspiration. I meet someone new and I try to adapt the goodness in them, into me.

And no, don’t get me wrong as a humble, inspiring person. Not yet at least. I am just another selfish soul out there seeking a bond out there and spreading the light of companionship only to seek personal gains in the end. Because no matter what I say, in the end, the man is an insatiable selfish animal, and I am just one of a kind.

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I am Dev, and I've been travelling full-time since 2016. I was a journalism student & started my corporate career as a documentary film-maker in England, before moving to India & becoming a full-time nomad. 25+countries. 50+ Brand Partnerships. And the adventure continues...

  1. Cyril Shabu

    I am reading a blog for the 1st time and that’s yours. Its nice to view your thoughts through this .

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Dev, your writings are so good. Why don’t you mention about this ‘blog writing’ on your you tube channel. Not many know this kind of blog you have, including myself. I accidentally came in to your blog while I was looking at JAWA motors website. Keep moving, evolve and enjoy Life..keep writing too..all the best.

  3. I always enjoy reading your blogs. You visit the most interesting places and take such beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  4. karan tirki

    wonderfully written. Really nice post thanks for sharing with us!

  5. harjeet singh

    very well written brother

  6. Alolika Dubey

    Loved the way you write. It’s so passionate and heart-felt. Simply fantastic.

    • Cheers Alokia, appreciate your inspiring comment. Afterall that’s what a writer wants right?… A little appreciation!
      But just for your information, this story doesn’t depict my writing style. Actually, I don’t have one. It all depends on how I was feeling in the moment 😉 Happy travels!

  7. This is your best post so far. Very poetic and I loved it. Keep traveling mate. Home for me for after 2 weeks would be Hoi An, Vietnam. Been here for 10 days and leaving tomorrow but love it so much that I will return here.

    • Thanks Harish, glad you gave it a read and liked it. And Hanoi is beautiful I’ve heard. The best part about the city (and the country at large) is its people. Have a good time.

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