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Travel Tip: Invest In Good Gear

Those who follow me on social media or read this travel blog regularly must know that I am not into luxury travel. Of course, I had a fair share of luxury experiences, including my luxury train travel in India and exploring private island in the Great Barrier Reef, but mainly I focus on adventure travel.

I would choose experiences like solo motorbiking in the mountains, and trekking and camping, over sitting in a private Yacht in the Mediterranean Sea enjoying a glass of red wine. But that doesn’t mean I am wild and boring. I mean if you will look at my life right now — I live at 3000 metres above sea level in the Himalayas, running 2 boutique properties, owning two German Shephards, whom I sometimes go out with in my 2010 Gypsy King, especially while snowboarding in winter. Most people in India would only dream of it.

In short, I am what Woodland is for the shoe industry — wild, rugged and stylish.

Got the idea?

All Thanks To Brands Like Woodland.

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I give brands like Woodland a fair share of credit for making me what I am today.

For every kind of lifestyle, there’s a brand that resonates. Woodland stands for the spirit of adventure. It is meant for hikers, trekkers and adventure seekers like me.

I mean for someone living in Manali having a lifestyle like mine, it demands rugged and tough footwear during the day (when you are out in the wild) and something fancy and presentable at night (as you plan for a few drinks with friends). If I wear a pair of trekking boots it serves the purpose for the day but wearing the same footwear and visiting a friend, or dining out in a fancy restaurant, doesn’t. That’s where a design that serves both purposes comes into play. And that’s Woodland for me.

I appreciate products that make life easier — be it on the road or while enjoying a lazy afternoon somewhere.

That’s why niche products have such a big market. For any traveller, it’s important to have good travel gear. I often try buying products that serve me various needs. Often, the products I use are expensive, but in the long run, they prove to be a good value for money. Woodland for me is one such brand.

And then, there are other products too like backpacks and jackets.

Your Rucksack Should Be More Than Just A Rucksack.

If tomorrow I plan for Hamta Pass Trek in Himachal and buy a few products I might need for the trek I would like them to be multifunctional. The 50L rucksack I will buy for the trek should help me back home as well and not just sit in my closet.

That’s where products with good usability and multifunctionality come into play.

I have a habit of carrying a 40L backpack around whenever I go out. This keeps my daily essentials. A product not wonderfully designed would make it hard and not want you to carry it with you. A good product, on the other hand, would make your day easier.

Again, that’s Woodland for me!

Two Fun Facts…

  1. Durability is almost a certainty for Woodland products even on heavy usage. Their shoes can last for 5 to 6 years. With a little care, you can look forward to a decade of exploring and adventuring with their products.
  2. Every Woodland Shoe Manufactured is Almost 100% Eco-friendly
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