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Where Will You Travel if You Win A Lottery

Now that’s a million-dollar question for the new millionaires, where would I travel if I won the lottery?

It’s a fantasy we’ve all dreamt about once in a while. A multi-million win to fulfil all our bucket list goals and still left with plenty in the bank!

Once given the money back that you borrowed and getting even with the boss, the next thing most people would do is explore the world. It might sound like a thing from movies, but from nine-figure cash in the Lottoland jackpot, it’ll be very much a part of your life story.

Creating memories, new experiences, meeting new people, seeing rich cultures, and adventures are the wisest choices that lottery winners make. Here’s the list of places where I would travel if I won the lottery…

Burj the starting point

You name it, Dubai has it, or if it doesn’t have it, it’s building it. Dubai, one of the most expensive cities in the world, is now cheap for you. That’s the city where nobody will exhaust you with stares when you leave the so-called seven-star hotel, Burj Khalifa, in the Bugatti that you hired for the vacation. Burj Khalifa, the tallest building globally, looms over the metropolitan, both figuratively and literally. Let your ambition and passion be as high as Burj Khalifa!

Next is the Maldives!

Blue sky, clear water, great weather, treat, and treat are all exclusive to the Maldives.

Any Maldives package available online is all about private pools, cocktails, lagoons, and fun. I always imagine the relaxing massages, feasts, and yoga classes when I read ‘Maldives.’ The luxurious resort is a must-go place for me if I win the lottery.

However, vacation in the Maldives is expensive. The price ranges from $2000/night to $7000. Seaplanes are adequate means to travel in Maldives’ islands.

Space adventure!

If Dubai’s top skyscrapers do not quench your thirst for heights, the next thing to do is make a flight into space. You can make Advent into space without spending all of your lottery jackpots. The space flight is via a helium balloon flight to the top edge of the world. It flies about one hundred thousand feet above the earth’s surface, riding passengers into immediate space.

The flight will only cost you around $75,000, a minimum value compared to the phenomenal experience of floating into space.

See the edge of the world.

Without a doubt, Antarctica is one of the places I desperately want to visit if I win the lottery. Antarctica, or the end of the world, is also called the white dream and is among the untouched corners.

Discover the white plan, Antarctic Peninsula, where never-ending mountains roll to the skyline. Here, nature rules: penguins wobble along the coast, seals slouch on ice hunks, and slayer whales break the surface of iced water.

Travel to ancient times

While traveling through time is still not very achievable. Yet you can escape from the busy modern world and stay in an ancient fairytale castle. The old-timed European luxury castle can be your next stop for the royal vacation.

There are many historic venues and royal properties throughout the continent, from Edinburgh’s calming countryside to Scotland’s beautiful western coast. If living like kings and queens of ancient days is your holiday, visit the beautiful Scottish castles. After all, A little bit of the countryside is right for your soul!

Heaven’s nightlife, Vegas baby!

Las Vegas is the only place where money talks; it says, “Goodbye.” The nightlife of Vegas makes you wonder how heaven would look at night. You’ll be surprised to see the price tags, especially after visiting Dubai, very reasonable, I must say. There are never-ending luxury hotels in Vegas.

There’s no clock in the Las Vegas gambling casino; you can try your luck all night. Plus, the casinos have heavily subsidized room prices to get you in the game and tables.

Ninety-nine problems, one solution, bora Private Island!

If I won the lottery and travelled to so many places, I’d want to rest on an isolated private island, escaping from the modern world’s problems. If you like vacationing in paradise, with unspoiled white sands, shimmering tropical waves, and luxurious facilities.

This holiday is the ultimate escape if you desire to relax in peace and chill the waves. That’s what I’m going to do if I win the lottery. Let the waves hit your feet, and the sand be your seat!

Wrapping up

We travel not to escape life, but for life not to flee us. If I won the lottery and travelled to these places, this would be one hell of a story. We don’t remember our bills or the work we did in the office because, in the end, it’s time we travelled, the memories we created!

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