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Meghalaya Photos – 10 Living Root Bridge Nongriat Pictures You Need To See

Looking for some Meghalaya photos? See these 10 Nongriat Pictures – from the village of living root bridge.

But before I start with these Nongriat, and Meghalaya photos, I want to add that I revisited this place in November 2022.

I was startled to see how the impact of Overtourism has killed Nongriat, in Meghalaya, in addition to a few other places.

Where last time I found local families there too welcoming and heart-warming to be true, this time they were too busy to even speak to. Kids were busy selling fake ‘natural honey. The root bridge was slowly dying. You can read more in this Nongriat Isn’t Worth Visiting Anymore blog.

You may also be interested to read about my experience of visiting the Dawki River

Also please note that the Nongriat pictures shared in this blog were clicked during my first visit, in 2016. Having said that, you may find the place and surroundings a little different now.

Now let’s get back to the topic at hand and continue with the Meghalaya photos blog…

“This northeast Indian village with living root bridges is by far the best place I’ve seen in your country.”

I still remember how my friend expressed his excitement, during our Gangotri to Gomukh trek. His voice – a perfect invitation for me to amble – kept reverberating in my head until I finally decided to see the living root bridge village, Nongriat, in Meghalaya.

From being a place where it rains (almost) the most in the world to being home to one of the friendliest tribal communities in India – there are many reasons why you should visit Nongriat. And if you happen to be a photographer, there are even more reasons for you to be there.

Among all the reasons, the beautiful Nongriat pictures with magnificent valleys, countless natural pools, and the living root bridges in them, are one of the reasons.

And speaking of beauty, here are some unforgettable Nongriat, in Meghalaya photos… the popular living root bridge village.

Nongriat, Meghalaya Photos

nongriat photosThe entire east Khasi Hills is like a secluded oasis of silence in the vastness of nature. And this village – with its less than 10 houses – is like a sleepy settlement deep inside it.

meghalaya photosThe waterfalls in our country may not be the tallest, but their beauty is rare. And ‘Nohkalikai Falls’ that you can see during your Nongriat, Meghalaya trip is a perfect example of that. It creates an ever-arresting view of immensity and spectacle.

nongriat peopleHere people are always happy to have their picture clicked and then check it out to give you feedback.

And if you feel a little unsure about clicking photos of Nongriat people because they’re tribal, let me tell you that you should not hesitate. Khasi people are really friendly. They don’t mind getting their pictures clicked no matter how close you get to their face.

It happened to me that every time I tried to click their portrait I got into a friendly conversation.

khasi peopleMany visit Nongriat, Meghalaya to explore its incomparable beauty but end up losing their heart to the pure and refreshing innocence of its children.

khasi people …who always seem interested in knowing more about the outside world!

meghalaya photosHere, every encounter with a local makes you feel like this is how we’re supposed to live and rejoice in our life. It is one of those whimsical places where childhood dreams – full of magic and serenity – come true.

nongriat photosHere meandering in a beguiling fashion through the dense forest is the way to excitement and beauty.

khasi hillsNo wonder, this place is a perfect playground for those who like to wander.

There are moreover many villages in the area. I suggest you explore the place inside out, to get the best of Meghalaya photos.

For one, I suggest you trek to Mynteng located only a 1-hour trek away from Nongriat. In Mynteng, you can even find a guesthouse to spend a night in. Since there is only one guesthouse there with two small rooms, the maximum occupancy is limited to 4 people.

khasi womanChewing Betel Nuts here is not a habit but more of a fashion. One can find indigenous Khasi women chewing them all day as they impart an attractive reddish stain on their lips.

nongriat meghalaya photosAs you’d stumble upon a collection of pools with crystal clear water, your heart would want you to do what this place is meant for – getting a free fish pedicure while enjoying the luxury of stillness.

That was all in this blog on Nongriat, Meghalaya Photos.

If you happen to visit this place, I suggest you check this detailed blog I have written on Nongriat.

Also, if you are wondering how to get there let me tell you that it is very easy. From Shillong, you need to drive to Tyrna village (Shillong – Cherapunji – Tyrna). From Tyrna, you will have to do a 3 hours trek to reach Nongriat.

That’s all about Nongriat pictures in this Meghalaya photo blog. If you want to know more about other places in Meghalaya, I suggest you read my Meghalaya Travel Guide.

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    Oh wow this place is such a stunning natural beauty! What an amazing place, I would love to sit at the water and have a fish pedicure! Looks like the most relaxing place on earth

  3. Amazing photos Dev! Great scenic shots that make me want to go here NOW. My favourite is the man smoking – amazing that you captured that!

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    • Well, its the people who tell the story. I just capture their emotions and try to give them a few words.

  5. Your photos stunning is like they say a story with no words. I wish I could go to India one day it seems fascinating.

  6. Woow your photos are amazing is like they say a story with no words. I wish I could go to India one day it seems fascinating.

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