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In this Australia travel blog page, I have made a repository of all the articles I have written on Australia. I have been there twice and have explored Western Australia and Queensland.

My first trip to Australia happened in 2018 when I backpacked across Western Australia (starting from Perth) for a few weeks.

The second trip happened one year later when Queensland tourism invited me for a blog trip to explore the Gold Coast and around. It was during the second visit that I completed my Australia Dream – of experiencing life underwater in the Great Barrier reef (you can read about it in the blogs shared below).

From whatever little I have explored I have understood that Australia is a place for road trips, and I would love to revisit and check that bucket list experience too.

Other than that, I believe one needs a lifetime to explore all that Australia has to offer – something that applies to India as a destination too. From beaches to mountains to cities, there is so much to see and do there.

Australia – an ancient land, an urban wonder, a foodie’s dream.

Out of all the destinations I have been to and mentioned in this Australia travel blog, I have particularly loved Perth. and I loved it for its laid back charm.

Though cities like Brisbane were quite laid back too, Perth just happened to make a better impression on me I guess. I, moreover, loved the creative side of the city – the street art!