Popular Places To Visit In Brisbane

This travel blog talks about places to visit in Brisbane for the first timers. Have you been to the famous xxxx Brewery Brisbane?

I can fairly remember how when an invitation from Queensland Tourism to explore and write a detailed Gold Coast travel itinerary landed in my inbox, I humbly requested an overstay in the country after the completion of our blog-tip, so that I can experience a bit of Brisbane as well.

Though I had to travel to Brisbane on my own, without any support from tourism, it still made sense to stay back and not miss exploring it now that I was already in Queensland. I mean Brisbane is, after all, considered one of the friendliest travel destinations in the world and has been topping Tripadvisor’s ranking in the South Pacific region for years.

So yea, my love for Brisbane started before I even got there. And when I actually ended up there, my love only intensified.

I suggest you try Flyscoot Airlines to fly from India to Brisbane. I have personally tried them and love their cheap prices. Also, if you are travelling to the Gold Coast, read these Gold Coast travel tips and this Gold Coast hot air balloon ride experience. You may also be interested in a day trip to Lady Elliot Island from Gold Coast or Queensland to experience a bit of the Great Barrier Reef which remained my favourite experience during my entire time in Queensland.

Now let’s start with the topic in hand, and discuss…

Places To Visit In Brisbane


…and learning Paddleboarding!


Jump into a train and your next destination is Sandgate โ€” a vibrant and historic seaside town, laden with cute cafes, an even more relaxing vibe, and some seaside fun. Because its way is obstructed by Moreton island towards the Pacific sea, the beaches in Sandgate remain unbelievably calm, making them an ideal spot for watersports like kitesurfing and stand-up paddling, among others.

I tried a few lessons of Paddleboarding at Seagate in Brisbane during one of the mornings and totally loved it. If you’re a big group, the activity is even fun. What makes it even better is that, unlike surfing, in stand-up-paddling, you are not required to get into the water (consider it as a canoe with no edges just a flat board) making it ideal for those who don’t like to get wet still appreciate the idea of exploring the sea.

Seagate moreover remains one of the top places to visit in Brisbane.

Paddleboarding brisbane

A few hours of early morning Paddleboarding before you eat the local fish and chips at one of the cafes and head towards the Shorncliffe Pier โ€” the most popular tourist attraction in Sandgate – can be a good idea.ย  I tried PAddleboarding with a tour company called SurfConnect.

Brisbane Night Segway Tour

For any town, as big and overwhelming as Brisbane, a quick Segway tour can be ideal to quickly get a quick introduction to the city. It takes you to all the touristic and offbeat places to visit in Brisbane.

places visit segway brisbane

Though I am sure a day tour has its own charm, I found the night Segway tour in Brisbane comparatively better and unimaginably pleasing, because if anything, it is a city to explore at night.

places brisbane

Seeing the city light up as you make your way along the riverside is quite an experience. A Segway tour will moreover take you to all the prominent highlights in Brisbane, including Botanical Garden, boardwalk and Roma street parklands, XXXX Brewery Brisbane and more.

Going Slow. Experiencing The Relaxing Vibe

There are very few towns in the world where life runs at a lightning pace thanks to a burgeoning financial district, yet when you travel there, you find a different flair to its life โ€” i.e. relaxing and laid back, and Brisbane is no different.

places brisbanebrisbane riverfront

Despite being the capital city of Queensland, with the highest GDP in the region, and a skyline touching the horizon, when you walk along the riverside or visit one of the many cafes or eateries around Brisbane, you don’t feel any hurriedness in its air. Brisbane is one of those remarkable places in the southern hemisphere with a metropolitan, yet relaxing flair.

South Bank

The South Bank is a beautiful pedestrian area right along the Brisbane River where locals come to hang out, do some workout, or simply enjoy the evening at one of the restaurants.

XXXX brewery brisbane

Though a bit pricey (with 12 dollarsOystersyesters and another 10 dollars for a glass of wine, the entire charm of grabbing a bit at the South Bank is unparalleled.

Free Ferry Ride In Brisbane River

Though there are plenty of boat tours and ferries to help you get around and enjoy the idea of sailing in the Brisbane River, a free tour in the ‘Cityhopper’ is recommended.

brisbane brewery

It takes you through various popular places to visit in Brisbane, including Eagle Street and the South Bank, along with the inner city stretch of the Brisbane River and runs from 6 am until midnight.

XXXX Brewery Brisbane

I haven’t been there ๐Ÿ™ Have you?

Where To Stay In Brisbane

About 300m from Roma Street Station,ย there are plenty of great hotels and hostels for a budget traveller โ€” including the one where I stayed during my time in Brisbane, and even recommend you to do so for its friendly atmosphere and cheap dorms.

At City Backpackers HQ, I got my bed in a 4-bed shared dorm for less than 30 dollars a night.

That’s all in this travel blog on places to visit in Brisbane. If you have any suggestions to add to the list, please leave a comment below. How about a tour of XXXX Brewery Brisbane? Have you been there?

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