Category: Adventure Activities

On this page, you will get a glimpse of all the adventure activities I have tried in life. From extreme motorcycle rides to bungy jumping to skydiving, I will share about all such experiences here.

The reason why I decided to make a repository of such activities on my blog is that I am scared of many things – falling from the height is one of them. By attempting adventure activities like Bungy jumping and skydiving, I overcome my fears.

By sharing my experiences of such adventure activities I want to convey a simple message “if I can do it so can you”.

By doing things I have always been scared of, I overcome my fears. And it is by overcoming my fears I become the stronger version of me.

I am more into adventure living than trying such adventure activities for a moment and calling myself ADVENTUROUS. Experiences like solo camping in the wilderness, solo trekking in the Himalayas, solo travelling in a new country are, therefore, more addiction than trying Bungy Jumping or skydiving.

But they all have their own significance. The adrenaline you feel before jumping off a 100m cliff has no comparison with the fear of solo camping in a jungle. Hence, every experience has its importance.

So as I said before, it is by doing such adventure activities – whether it is camping in the jungle or riding solo on world’s deadliest roads in the Himalayas or jumping off a 100m cliff – I become the stronger version of me. And hence the need to talk about them!