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Best Hostels To Stay at In Jaipur

Looking for a place to stay in Jaipur? Here’s my list of best hostels in Jaipur.

Jaipur is on every traveller’s bucket list. I have, myself, been to Jaipur a few times and my love for the city only grows with every visit. To me, Jaipur has it all: history, food, culture, beautiful architecture and a great backpacking scene.

Because Jaipur is the capital town of Rajasthan, it can feel big and crowded. Thankfully, there are a number of backpacker hostels to choose from. I find hostels in Jaipur the most inexpensive compared to other destinations in Rajasthan.

There is a lot to consider when selecting a hostel. And when you want to stay in the best hostel in Jaipur, things become even more complicated. A few things to consider when picking a hostel in Jaipur, however, are:

  • Location: Jaipur is huge, while it has fairly good availability of local taxis (Ola and Uber work in Jaipur) tuktuks and city buses, it can take some time to get around. Pick a place that has a central location and is not very far from the gated old town. All the hostels listed in this list are in a central location.
  • Amenities: Almost all backpacker hostels in Jaipur offer free Wifi. But if you want more than just free Wifi, be sure you do your research.
  • Staff: The hostels included in this list have friendly staff. A welcoming staff is just as important to have a good experience as the hostel’s ambience and other fellow-travellers staying with you.

Even if you don’t choose one of the hostels listed below, be sure to look up reviews while booking a hostel online. This ensures that you end up at a place where the staff is helpful, the amnesties are good and the price of the bed is value for money! Your hostel can make or spoil your entire travel experience in Jaipur.

Now, let’s start with a few suggestions on top hostels in Jaipur, supported by the reason why I love them…

Best Hostels In Jaipur

Moustache Hostel Jaipur

I like hostels that reverberate the feel and colors of the destination it is located in. And Moustache Hostel, given its interiors, is certainly one of them – not to mention the name Moustache that makes you think of Rajasthan. With all modern comforts and a touch of local culture and architecture Moustache Hostel gives its guests the essence of the city. The hotel is located just 1km away from Jaipur Railway Station and 800 mts from the bus stop.

moustache hostel jaipur

Moustache Hostel at a Glance:

  1. Digital safe in dormitories
  2. Rooftop sitting area with books and games
  3. Common rooms are equipped with a music system
  4. Privacy curtain, reading light and fan for each bed
  5. The lounge area has board games for mingling with other travellers

Beds from INR 150.

Horn Ok Please (HOP)

With interiors donned by murals from street artists, HOP Jaipur is a spacious airy affair, with a tropical colonial-style lounge and huge a roof terrace. The hostel has a big kitchen allowing guests to cook and share meals with others. It also organises nightly activities like various drinking games to ensure sociability among guests.

jaipur architecture

HOP at a glance:

  • Social atmosphere
  • Wooden bunk-beds
  • Complimentary breakfast
  • Free coffee round the clock
  • Community kitchen and common spaces with games

Beds from INR 399.

Backpackers Headquarter

Backpackers Headquarter is located at a very central location, keeping all major tourist highlights in good reach. The dorms are equipped with reading lights and conveniently accessible power sockets near all the beds. Outside the rooms, the common area provides leisure space with a library, musical instruments and games. The hostel also organises city heritage walks, food tours and cycling tours.

best hostels pictures

Backpackers Headquarter at a glance:

  1. In-house multi-cuisine cafe
  2. Roof access with a free yoga mat
  3. Patio to relax, mingle or sit alone and read a book
  4. Common area, with a number of board/card games
  5. 2 massive common areas to accommodate all the guests & even organize an in-house party

Beds from INR 270.

Hostel BlueBeds

As per March 2020, BlueBeds was ranked #1 on Tripadvisor. I loved BlueBeds for its neat and organised environment — making it good for backpackers as well as families.

The hostel also organises city tours and has in-house board games for those who enjoy staying indoor.

hostel dormitory

BlueBeds at a glance:

  1. Common spaces with board games/books to read
  2. Clean and well-looked after dormitories
  3. Central location

Beds from INR 350.

Hostel Karwaan

Hostel Karwaan is situated in a posh neighbourhood of Jaipur, 2.5 km from Jaipur Railway Station. The hostel’s interior provides a mix of Rajasthani culture and modern architecture, and a garden cafe, a co-working space, a shared kitchen, and a rooftop common area.

Given its location, the hostel organises free tuk-tuk rides from to Hawa Mahal in groups of 4 in the morning as all the major attractions like City Palace and Jantar Mantar are within a walking distance from Hawa Mahal.

hostel Karwaan

Hotel Karwaan at a glance:

  1. The common room has table tennis, foosball, card/board games, a television.
  2. Bonfire at the rooftop
  3. An inhouse cafe
  4. Free morning heritage walk for all guests
  5. A romantic/colourful in-house garden

Beds from INR 299

Ambience drenched in pink, people roaming around in colourful turbans, folklore being narrated at every street corner – this is the pink city of Jaipur for you.

Useful Travel Tips For Jaipur

  • Jaipur has a domestic airport with decent connectivity, so you can fly to Jaipur, or travel on a bus or a train. It is also possible to find a taxi service in Jaipur to and from major cities like Delhi or Ahmedabad.
  • There are a few bus stations and a couple of train stations, so choose the one closest to your hostel. The airport is moreover located around half an hour drive from the city centre.
  • There’s a prepaid taxi service in Jaipur airport and prepaid auto-rickshaw counter at the railway station. App-based cab services Uber and Ola also operate in Jaipur.
  • The constant summer heat can be very draining and dehydrating, so drink enough water.
  • Winter is the best tourist season for Jaipur, shooting up prices for everything, so plan accordingly. Book accommodation well in advance.
  • Rajasthani specialities like daal-baati-churmalaal maasghevar and kachori are a few must-eats in Jaipur.
  • To sample local street food, however, visit Masala Chowk.
  • Few popular tourist highlights in Jaipur are Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Jantar Mantar, Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Albert Hall Musem and Birla Mandir.
  • Scams involving auto-rickshaw drivers are very common in Jaipur, so be careful.

Do you agree with the above suggestions as best hostels in Jaipur? Or do you recommend something else?

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