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Reasons For Schengen Tourist Visa Rejection

A Schengen tourist visa is one of the toughest visas to obtain. Its process is strict and complicated, and its result, unexpected. You may have provided everything to your best knowledge but you can never predict what the country embassy you’re applying for your visa with, has in store for you. Some people say that countries like the Czech Republic or Hungary are the safest options and guarantee high approval chances, but as far as I know, such a factor is less likely to play in someone’s favour.

So if you’re applying for a Schengen tourist visa, be careful, and avoid the following mistakes to improve your chances. These are the top reasons for a Schengen tourist visa application rejection:

False Travel Documents

One of the recent rejection cases I came across, of a friend, who provided a photoshopped flight itinerary, made me understood that false travel documents are not going to get you a visa. So don’t even try to submit them. If you do not have a required document mention it in your cover letter. For example in my case, when I travelled Europe for 58 days, I was asked by VFS to provide a proof of transportation inside Europe during the entire 58 day period. And since I couldn’t, I mentioned that very clearly in the cover letter. I wrote that I didn’t provide the proof of transportation inside Europe because “I will be travelling using interstate buses and trains and my plan will be spontaneous.” Similarly, be clear with what you do or don’t have. Present your visa officer with nothing, but transparency.

Insufficient Explanation For The Purpose And Circumstances Of The Planned Stay

The whole idea of asking you to write a cover letter with your application, mentioning your intention of travel, is to get an idea of What, When, Where and How are you planning your stay in Europe. Write 2 pages or 4, it doesn’t matter, just make sure you convince the visa officer about the purpose of your travel, which is HOLIDAY. While I applied for my Schengen travel visa, I’d no job, no regular credit history, but I mentioned that clearly. I wrote that I’ve recently started travel blogging after quitting my job.

So be very clear about why you are travelling and what all places, and back them up with as many documents as you can – from transportation to accommodation bookings, to everything else in between. Your inability to offer declarations about the purpose of travel and stay can lead to a dismaying rejection.

Lacking To Prove The Travel Itinerary

Since the definition is so broad, consider that your application’s outcome depends upon the visa consulate’s mood and behaviour. And that’s the problem with Schengen visa. I’ve seen people having their visas rejected, despite having two Schengen visa stamps in their passport already. If your visa officer isn’t convinced that your original intent to visit Europe is travelling only, you cannot guarantee a positive response.

So present a pre-booked accommodation for each destination and each night you’re going to spend in the Schengen Area. Provide a booked return-flight ticket. Have a travel insurance during your time of travel, covering at least 350,000 in Euros. Provide travel tickets for each destination to be toured in the Schengen Area. And if anything is left, make sure you mention that in your cover letter.

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