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Nongriat, Meghalaya: In Photos

“This north-east Indian village with root bridges is by far the best place I’ve seen in your country.”

I still remember how my friend expressed his excitement, as we clambered over the lofty and vainglorious mountains of Uttarakhand, last year. His voice – a perfect invitation for me to amble – kept reverberating in my head for a long time until when I finally set off to see this place with a few other north-east Indian places that turned out to be no less than a Shangri-la.

From being a place where it (almost) rains the most in the world to being a home to one of the amazing tribal community in India – there are many reasons why you should visit Nongriat. But the undisputed highlights are its lush forest, magnificent valleys, countless natural pools, living root bridges and the Bananas with seeds. Here, some unforgettable moments I clicked in and around Nongriat (eastern Khasi Hills):

nongriatThe entire east Khasi Hills in Meghalaya is like a secluded oasis of silence in the vastness of nature. And Nongriat – with its less than 10 houses – is like a sleepy settlement deep inside it.

naukalakai waterfallThe waterfalls in our country may not be the tallest, but their beauty is rare. And ‘Nohkalikai Falls’ in Meghalaya is a perfect example of that, which creates an ever arresting view of immensity and spectacle.

nongriat peopleHere people are always happy to have their pictures taken and then check it out to give you as many retakes as you want.

khasi peopleMany visit Nongriat to explore its incomparable beauty, but end up losing their heart to the pure and refreshing innocence of its children.

village peopleHere every encounter with a local makes you feel like this is how we’re supposed to live and rejoice our life. It is one of those whimsical places where childhood dreams – full of magic and serenity – come true.

nongriat kidsHere meandering in a dangerously beguiling fashion through dense forest is the only way to excitement and beauty.

khasi hillsNo wonder, Khasi hills are a perfect playground for those who like to wander.

khasi womanHere chewing Betel Nuts is not a habit but more of a fashion. One can find indigenous Khasi women chewing them all day as they impart an attractive reddish stain on their lips.

nautral poolAs you’d stumble upon a collection of pools with crystal clear water, your heart would want you to do what this place is meant for – getting a free fish pedicure while enjoying the luxury of stillness.

To read a long-drawn out story about Nongriat, its people and how to best experience it, click here.

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  2. Idaintyit says

    Oh wow this place is such a stunning natural beauty! What an amazing place, I would love to sit at the water and have a fish pedicure! Looks like the most relaxing place on earth

  3. Laura H says

    Amazing photos Dev! Great scenic shots that make me want to go here NOW. My favourite is the man smoking – amazing that you captured that!

    • Well, its the people who tell the story. I just capture their emotions and try to give them a few words.

  4. Ami Rose says

    I always love reading your posts and seeing the photos that you take. You always capture the emotion perfectly.

    Ami xxx

  5. Kerry says

    Great post and your photos are amazing! You have really captured everything so well.

  6. Nongriat, even the name sounds so exotic and mysterious that makes me put the place on my bucket list. awesome photos, breathtaking

  7. David says

    Such a great photos and writing. We don’t see this everyday, we are used to living in our comfort surrounding that we forget about this places. Thanks for sharing this amazing photos and post.

  8. Sizzle says

    WOW! These photos are amazing. Such an interesting insight. The colours are captured so well. I always get so afraid to capture people in their raw forms incase they were to get offended. Such a silly fear. You do it so well!

  9. I have been seeing more and more of India, and rightfully so. If by population alone, then it follows that there would be many Indians blogging. Having said that, I thought the last photo with a pool of water was made amazing by the rock formations!

  10. Lily Travella says

    You’re an amazing photographer! Your photos really capture an atmosphere and give character!

  11. Christine K says

    Love your blog and the photos are amazing. Thank you for sharing.

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