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To honestly admit it, I was never a born solo traveller. In fact, I was always very much afraid of travelling alone, having no one to watch my back.

What if someone robbed me?

How would I enjoy being alone on the road?

These little insecurities always played their part. But it was only after a few solo journeys that I learned that solo travelling is not as risky or boring as it may initially seem.

Other than that, I knew that if I put off a trip because of other people, I can never travel and explore the world.

It happened to me so many times that I planned a trip with someone and the person backed out or cancelled the trip in the end. This way, I could either travel solo or not travel at all.

When someone called-off their plan, I didn’t and that’s how I became a solo traveller.

Under this tag on solo travel, I will be sharing similar such stories and help you motivate to travel solo. From the benefits of solo travelling to useful tips on how to handle yourself better alone, these articles will cover all topics.

This repository of blogs covering different aspects of solo travelling is all you need to become a solo traveller.