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Tourist Places To Visit Near Mumbai

Read this travel blog for top tourist places to visit near Mumbai.

When I first visited Mumbai for my coastal Maharashtra Konkan road trip, I had no idea that Maharashtra has so much to offer. I didn’t know that Maharashtra is blessed with white sand beaches, caves, temples, rare wildlife, nature parks, pulsating nightlife in cities… well, I can go on.

And all these were beautiful places to visit near Mumbai – still, away from the crowded beaches and Bollywood stars.

So venture off, take the road less travelled and explore these tourist places to visit near Mumbai. These places are more than your average Lonavala.

tourist places mumbai

Top Tourist Places To Visit Near Mumbai

Tarkarli: Located only a few hours drive north of Goa, Tarkarli is a cute little offbeat town in Maharashtra best known for long unbroken shoreline and clear waters.

The beaches in Tarkatli are great to laze around (consider it as one of the biggest north Goa Beaches with less crowd).

The town also offers adventure water sports, including Scuba diving, Jet Ski, Banana Boat Ride, and Parasailing, among others for adventure buffs. For photo buffs, moreover, the village of Tarkarli is a real treat, making it one of the best tourist places to visit near Mumbai.

Just walk across the many intermingled bylanes and capture the essence of rural coastal Maharashtra.


Malshej Ghat: A hamlet located among the Sahyadri Range of the Western Ghats, Malshej is an ideal destination for those who appreciate untouched flora and fauna and jungles.

Complimenting its tourism are the many Buddhist caves dating back their origin to the 3rd century B. C. and the abundance of waterfalls during monsoon. Since the forest there is quite dense, offering many walking trails, Malshej Ghat is also becoming popular among trekkers and hikers in recent years.

For nature lovers, Malshej Ghat is one of the must-not-miss places to visit near Mumbai.

Monsoons are considered the best time to visit because the region is at its greenest of all time.

places near mumbai

Harihareshwar: Though Harihareshwar is a popular pilgrimage town in Maharashtra, for those looking for a relaxing time, the town of Harihareshwar offers a few clean and quiet beaches, with unhurried and laid-back village life.

Towards its north, Harihareshwar is enveloped with greenery and dense jungle. Towards the west, an expanse of white sand shoreline. The town is moreover bordered by Bankot creek on one side, which is where the river Savitri flows into the ocean and on the other side of the town is the Arabian Sea.

Located on the coastal Konkan route, Harihareshwar is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Mumbai for those who are doing the entire route – as I did during my Delhi to Bangalore road trip – or those who are only looking for a quick weekend getaway.

places near mumbai

Mahabaleshwar: Though of course, Mahabaleshwar, as a destination is quite touristy it doesn’t make it less beautiful. Its forest is as dense and the weather as lovely despite the crowds that throng Mahabaleshwar.

So instead of banishing it plans a visit to Mahabaleshwar and you won’t regret it.

For some ideas, explore the old temple area in Mahabaleshwar (known as ‘Kshetra’), try Arthur’s seat trail and shop at Mahabaleshwar market. There are moreover many great Airbnb and Mahabaleshwar hotels for a comfy stay.

For weekend getaways, Mahabaleshwar remains among the popular places to visit near Mumbai.

tarkarli village

Anjanvel Village: One of the many picturesque villages en route Maharashtra coastal state highway 4, Anjanvel village offers an ideal rural escape.

People in Anjanvel are moreover very hospitable, with most of them eager to share smiles and engage in a happy conversation with tourists. If you are looking for an offbeat village experience in Maharastra, Anjanvel is a great escape. And yes, there are a few guest houses available in Anjanvel.

Located on the coastal Konkan route, Tarkarli is one of the popular tourist places to visit near Mumbai for those who are doing the entire route or those who are only looking for a quick weekend getaway from Bombay.

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Malhargad: Malhargad is a hill fort located 30 km from Pune. It derives its name from Lord Malhari, an incarnation of Shiva. Built around 1775, the fort was built to keep watch on Dive Ghat. Its strategic location helped keep an eye on the surrounding ranges.

One can look around Malhargad for some time, and the hills around are equally alluring.

Malhargad offers a nice weekend trek for history buffs and hence remains one of the popular places to visit near Mumbai.

Amboli: A quiet hill station in the South of Maharashtra, Amboli is situated in the plateaus just before the state of Goa begins. It’s one of those places meant to relax and unwind. An ideal weekend getaway, Amboli offers some breathtaking sunsets and viewpoints with a waterfall (Amboli waterfall) just 3 km from the town.

Visit Amboli if you are looking for a good escape and experience a quiet and secluded life for a few days!

And now, a video from my youtube channel for some coastal some drone and normal visuals of the coastal Maharastral route that I have discussed above in the article…

Have you explored Maharashtra? Do you have anything to add to this list of top tourist places to visit near Mumbai? Spill in the comments below.

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