Booking Travel Tours With Headout: My Review

Is Headout trustworthy for booking travel tours online? Read this review and find out!

Looking for a couple of Borghese Gallery entrance tickets, or a full-day guided tour of the Amphawa Floating Market in Thailand while enjoying the comfort of your couch in New Delhi?

10 years ago it might sound like a dream but today there are quite a few online portals helping us do so.

During my one-week trip to the Bavaria region in Germany, for example, where I enjoyed Lakeside restaurants in Lindau and introduced myself to adventure sports like Skydiving, I booked all my experiences online. By doing so, not only did I save myself from last-minute decisions but also kept myself from long entry-ticket queues.

Additionally, finding such experiences requires a lot of research. You go through individual websites, read customer reviews, and compare prices, and when you are about to book something, you find out there’s no availability for your travel dates.

But not anymore.


Because now we have Headout to our rescue.


What’s Headout?

Headout is an online travel platform that aggregates tickets from across channels so you can find the experiences and tickets you are looking for at one site.

Available in over 75 cities across continents, Headout offers experiences, personalised tours and basic admission tickets to museums and more. There are over 10,000 experiences on the platform at the moment.

How Does It Work

It’s super simple to book an experience at Headout. Simply search for a particular activity or tour you are interested in. Alternatively, search tours by destination.

Once you have selected an activity, the site tells you everything that is included in the package. If a ticket is available at a discount you will find that out too.

It’s moreover possible to choose different currencies and pay in the currency you want. You can also find out how high a particular experience is ranked and how many reviews it has.

Why Trust Headout?

For any service, it is important to build trust. And for online services, trust can only be built through customer service. There has to be some level of offline commitment by the company.

I like the fact that Headout has a dedicated customer service team. There is live chat, an email address as well as a few phone numbers you can get in touch Headout team with. So in case of any technical glitch, you are secure.

Moreover, the fact that over 18 million people have used Headout to book their holiday is another assurance.

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