7-Day Kashmir Itinerary: A Journey Through Paradise

Kashmir, a hidden paradise on Earth, unfolds a tapestry of breathtaking landscapes, a vibrant culture, and serene lakes, making it an irresistible destination for those craving an immersive travel experience.

As an experienced travel blogger who has traversed the enchanting terrains of Kashmir multiple times, I’ve crafted this 7-day itinerary with a deep personal understanding and insights from my journeys. Through this guide, I aim to share a slice of my adventures and learnings, ensuring you get to witness the magnificence of Kashmir in its full glory.

kashmir in winter

Day 1: Arrival in Srinagar

Your journey begins with your arrival in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. As you step into this city, you’re greeted by the serene beauty of Dal Lake, surrounded by majestic mountains.

After settling in, spend your afternoon wandering through the famous Mughal Gardens — Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi — each a testament to the architectural genius of the Mughals, with lush greenery and vibrant flowers.

End your day with a peaceful Shikara ride on Dal Lake, watching the sunset paint the sky in hues of gold and pink, a perfect introduction to the valley’s tranquil beauty.

Activities/Things to Do on Kashmir Itinerary Day 1:

  • Explore the Mughal Gardens: Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh, and Chashme Shahi.
  • Enjoy a Shikara ride on Dal Lake.

Distance from Previous Destination: N/A (Arrival Point)

Preferred Mode of Transport: A taxi from the airport is the most convenient for newcomers.

Personalized Advice for:

  • Couples: The Shikara ride at sunset is highly recommended for its romantic feel.
  • Family: The Mughal Gardens are spacious and offer a relaxing outing for families.
  • Family with Kids: Kids will enjoy the gardens and the boat ride, but keep an eye on them near the water.
  • OldAge People: Gardens are mostly flat and easily accessible; however, some areas may require assistance.

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Srinagar travel shikara

Day 2: Exploring Srinagar

On your second day, dive deeper into the heart of Srinagar. Start with a visit to the Shankaracharya Temple, perched on a hilltop offering panoramic views of the city.

Next, explore the vibrant Old City, also known as Downtown Srinagar, where ancient mosques and bustling bazaars paint a vivid picture of the local life.

For a leisurely afternoon, consider a visit to the handicrafts market to pick up intricately designed Kashmiri handicrafts and shawls. Reflect on your day with a peaceful evening by the Dal Lake, savoring the tranquillity that Srinagar offers.

Activities/Things to Do on Kashmir Itinerary Day 2:

  • visit Shankaracharya Temple.
  • Explore the Old City and its bazaars.
  • Shop for handicrafts and local shawls.

And if you are travelling to Srinagar solo, read this article for more tips.

Distance from Previous Destination: Within city limits, travel time varies from 15 to 30 minutes between sites.

Preferred Mode of Transport: Auto-rickshaws and taxis are readily available and ideal for day tours.

Personalized Advice for:

  • Couples: The Old City’s bazaars are perfect for couples looking for an authentic experience.
  • Family: Engage in a guided tour to ensure you don’t miss any historical angle.
  • Family with Kids: The hustle and bustle of the Old City might be overwhelming; morning visits are quieter.
  • OldAge People: Consider private transport to navigate the city.

sonmarg Kashmir

Day 3: Sonamarg – The Meadow of Gold

Day three takes you to Sonamarg, a breathtaking meadow lying in the embrace of snow-capped peaks. Known as ‘The Meadow of Gold’, Sonamarg offers splendid views and a chance for adventure seekers to explore.

Engage in a trek to Thajiwas Glacier or enjoy a horse ride through the meadow, surrounded by stunning landscapes. Sonamarg’s natural beauty provides a perfect backdrop for memorable photographs and serene moments with nature.

Activities/Things to Do on Kashmir Itinerary Day 3:

  • Trek to Thajiwas Glacier.
  • Horseriding through the meadows.

Distance from Previous Destination: Approximately 80 km from Srinagar, a 2-3 hour drive.

Preferred Mode of Transport: A taxi or private vehicle is preferred for the scenic drive.

Personalized Advice for:

  • Couples: The meadows offer secluded spots for couples.
  • Family: Horse riding can be a fun family activity; ensure safety gear is available.
  • Family with Kids: The glacier trek might be challenging; opt for a shorter trek.
  • OldAge People: Enjoy the views from accessible points without embarking on strenuous activities.


Day 4: Gulmarg – Winter Wonderland

Next, head to Gulmarg, renowned for its ski resorts and the world’s highest golf course. The gondola ride in Gulmarg is a must-do, taking you up to the Apharwat Peak for a mesmerizing view of the Himalayas. Whether you’re visiting in winter for skiing or summer for mountain biking and trekking, Gulmarg offers activities for every traveler. Enjoy the evening relaxing in this picturesque location, a highlight of your Kashmir trip.

Activities/Things to Do on Kashmir Itinerary Day 4:

  • Gondola ride to Apharwat Peak.
  • Skiing or mountain biking, depending on the season.

Distance from Previous Destination: About 123 km from Sonamarg, approximately a 3-4 hour drive.

Preferred Mode of Transport: Taxi or personal vehicle for the picturesque journey.

Personalized Advice for:

  • Couples: The gondola ride offers breathtaking views perfect for memorable
  • Family: Skiing lessons are available for beginners.
  • Family with Kids: Children will enjoy the gondola ride; ensure safety.
  • Old Age People: Apharwat Peak offers cafes to relax and enjoy the view.


Day 5: Pahalgam – The Valley of Shepherds

On day five, journey to Pahalgam, a picturesque town known as ‘The Valley of Shepherds.’ Here, the Lidder River adds a melodious background as you explore lush meadows and pristine landscapes.

A visit to the Betaab Valley, named after the Bollywood movie filmed there, offers scenic beauty and a serene atmosphere. Enjoy leisurely walks or horseback rides, and don’t forget to visit the local markets for traditional Kashmiri crafts.

Activities/Things to Do on Day Kashmir Itinerary 5:

  • Visit Betaab Valley.
  • Enjoy leisurely walks or horseback rides.

Distance from Previous Destination: Approximately 140 km from Gulmarg, a 4-5 hour drive.

Preferred Mode of Transport: Taxi or personal vehicle, considering the distance.

Personalized Advice for:

  • Couples: The serene walks in Betaab Valley are romantic and peaceful.
  • Family: The river offers spots for family picnics.
  • Family with Kids: Horseback riding can be adventurous; select gentle horses (make sure you only take horses from the vendors you think keep their horses in good health and not just to make money. Be a responsible tourist).
  • Old Age People: Many areas in Pahalgam are accessible for leisurely  walks.


Day 6: Exploring the Countryside

Spend your sixth day experiencing the serene countryside of Kashmir. Take a guided tour to visit the saffron fields of Pampore and the ancient Awantipora ruins, witnessing the rich history and agricultural prowess of the region.

For nature enthusiasts, a visit to the nearby villages offers a glimpse into the rural Kashmiri lifestyle and hospitality. This day is perfect for those seeking tranquillity and a deeper connection with nature.

Activities/Things to Do on Kashmir Itinerary Day 6:

  • Visit saffron fields in Pampore.
  • Explore Awantipora ruins.

Distance from Previous Destination: Varies as you explore different sites but generally within a 1-2 hour drive from Pahalgam.

Preferred Mode of Transport: A private vehicle or taxi allows for flexible countryside exploration.

Personalized Advice for:

  • Couples: The tranquillity of the countryside is ideal for spending quality time together.
  • Family: Engage in interactive tours to learn about rural lifestyles
  • Family with Kids: Visiting farms can be educational and fun.
  • Old Age People: Enjoy the scenery with comfortable stops along the  way.


Day 7: Return to Srinagar and Departure

On your final day, return to Srinagar with time to explore any sights you may have missed or to revisit your favorites. Take this opportunity to indulge in last-minute shopping in Srinagar’s bustling markets, where you can find exquisite hand-woven carpets, pashmina shawls, and unique Kashmiri saffron. As your journey comes to an end, reflect on the unforgettable memories made and the beauty of Kashmir that you’ve experienced.

Activities/Things to Do on Kashmir Itinerary Day 7:

  • Last-minute shopping for carpets, shawls, and saffron.

Distance from Previous Destination: Depends on your location in the countryside, typically a 1-3 hour drive back to Srinagar.

Preferred Mode of Transport: Taxi or personal vehicle for the return trip.

Personalized Advice for:

  • Couples: Look for special Kashmiri jewellery as a keepsake.
  • Family: Buy educational toys and books about Kashmir for kids.
  • Family with Kids: Saffron and dry fruits are good souvenirs for friends back home.
  • Old Age People: Pashmina shawls are luxurious and practical gift.

Kashmir, with its unparalleled beauty, offers a unique experience that combines adventure, relaxation, and cultural immersion.

This 7-day itinerary is designed to showcase the best of what Kashmir has to offer, from the bustling city life of Srinagar to the tranquil meadows of Sonamarg and Pahalgam.

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