Discover A Different Barcelona With This Underground Guide

Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe. But outside of the high-density touristic Gothic neighborhood and the Sagrada Familia, a flourishing alternative culture has developed in and around the city.

Explore Barcelona’s smaller, more obscure streets after leaving the popular tourist destinations. Follow us on our tour as we take you to the top alternative activities in Barcelona, whether you’re looking for the best views in the city, a special place to spend a night out, a distinctive culinary experience, and other undiscovered Catalan gems of Barcelona’s underground culture.

Indie music scene

Freedonia association

The eclectic venue Freedonia presents a range of musical performances and social gatherings. In addition to its stellar lineup, the venue heavily emphasizes the personality of the Raval neighborhood, promotes community initiatives, and plans workshops, yard sales, and other community events.

There is no distinction between the performers and the audience because of the small stage and the low-key atmosphere, so everyone is treated equally. With its indie and underground lineup, Freedonia provides a place for individuals who have nowhere else to turn while also actively supporting Raval’s local social and cultural events.

Ultra-local records

Visit Ultra-Local Records to explore Catalan labels and listen to locally produced music if you want to gain a sense of Catalan music.

Additionally, there are a few staples from independent international labels as well as a selection of Spanish pop records. Don’t be afraid to look through the secondhand area; you’re likely to come across a few gems, whether they be French pop, vintage funk, or house music at the sweet price of one euro. The owners of the record store also organize numerous events in the shop focused on giving local bands a platform to present their new music. You’ll come across many Catalan artists in this place.

Viewpoints and attractions

Bunkers del Carmel

The bunker is one of the best spots for 360-degree panoramic views of the city and is a favorite for picnic gatherings, romantic couples, and even historians, as the bunkers were constructed as an anti-aircraft battery during the Spanish Civil War in the first part of the 20th century.

Because of its elevated location above the city, it offers amazing views that go all the way to the ocean. This is especially true when sunset approaches behind Mount Tibidabo and its amazing cathedral.

V17 bus or Alfons X metro can take you to the bunker from the city center, however, you should wear comfortable shoes for the final uphill climb.

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Parc del Laberint d’Horta

A beautiful, serene haven, Parc del Laberint d’Horta is an excellent place to get away from the bustle of the city.

An actual human-size maze in the surroundings of Barcelona escapes many people’s radar as it isn’t near the tourist city center where all attractions are concentrated.

It was given to the city of Barcelona in the 1960s after having been the property of a well-known local family. Then, in 1971, it was made accessible to the public after careful preservation and restoration.

The park is filled with many various features, such as pavilions, statues, fountains, and even a canal. However, the magnificent maze, where you can delight in becoming lost among the false twists and dead ends it offers, is unquestionably the most fascinating element. One of the most romantic locations in the city and a great place for couples.

Tibidabo mountain

Of the mountains that encircle Barcelona, Tibidabo is perhaps the most noticeable. And one of the most recognizable elements is its eccentric mountaintop church, which is visible from almost everywhere in the city.

A fun theme park that is close to the church is a great place for families and thrill seekers to spend the day. You can also find fantastic 10k walking circuits to get there, though, if you’re more interested in the outdoors and beautiful views. Every day new routes are uploaded on apps like Strava by bicycle enthusiasts as well.

The “Carretera de Les Aigues” is a road that winds up the mountain like a long stone balcony. Amazing views may be found along the entire length, and they change as you go. It’s also almost entirely flat from beginning to end, unlike many mountain walks.

Alternative hotels

Casa Bonay

A charming hotel that opened its doors for the first time in 1869. A three-story building with a neoclassical façade, an impressive central staircase, and authentic Nolla floors.

It’s a place for design enthusiasts and architecture lovers. It was selected on TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice in 2022 as one of the best hotels in town.

Their comfy rooms will make you feel the urge to just stay in and profit from the relaxing environment around you. So don’t hesitate to just lay back, read a book or watch a movie. Barcelona doesn’t offer many land-based casinos, so these platforms are the best alternative to enjoy gambling on a safe site and with the best offering of welcome bonuses and promotions.

Hotel Barcelona 1882

The Sagrada Familia is a short distance from Hotel Barcelona 1882 and you won’t even need to leave this place to profit from the breathtaking views from the roof patio over to this magnificent structure built by famous architect Antonio Gaudi.

Additionally, there is a fantastic rooftop bar and pool up there where you may unwind in the evenings.

The large, soundproof rooms have flat-screen TVs, air conditioning, and all the other amenities you’d expect from a four-star hotel. Large windows in the rooms make them very bright and pleasant, and some even offer panoramic views of the city.

Sports entertainment

RCD Espanyol football club

While the majority of tourists visit FC Barcelona’s storied Nou Camp stadium, many pass up the opportunity to visit rival Espanyol, which offers a more uniquely Catalan experience.

RCD Espanyol is the other side of football in Barcelona. My love for this club has grown out of the urge to show that there is a world of football beyond Barcelona and its star-studded teams.

Those seeking a rich cultural experience and a way to escape hordes of visitors should choose to support underdogs Espanyol on their magnificent home field.

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